Friday, 19 December 2014

NEW: NARS, Burberry, Aromatherapy Associates, Benefit

If you’re lucky enough to receive money this Christmas, here’s a line-up of brand new skincare and make-up products arriving early 2015 that may just tempt you to spend it! My pick of the week’s new launches comes from NARS, Burberry, Aromatherapy Associates and Benefit.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Top 10 Beauty Discoveries of 2014

With the year almost out and my blog soon to reach its first birthday, it seemed fitting that I should do a round-up of my top beauty discoveries of the past 12 months.

Honing down the list to just 10 was a struggle. I've been introduced to some truly fabulous brands and products this year. Some of these were new for 2014, others were discoveries rather than launches - products and brands that already existed but which had previously fallen below my radar.

Looking down at the list there's a lot skincare, but also bodycare and make-up. One glaring ommission is home devices! 2014 seemed short on these. Perhaps 2015 will be different? What's grabbed you this year? A particular new make-up launch, a skincare product that has delivered above and beyond, or something else entirely?

My Top 10 Discoveries (by order of post):

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Philips Confirms Details of Alternative Skincare for ReAura Home Laser

Philips has just got in touch to confirm details of alternative skincare that can be used with its discontinued ReAura home laser (story).

This is welcome news for users, who’ve been concerned about ongoing support following  the company’s decision to stop manufacturing the device.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Two New Free Gift with Purchase Offers – Latest In Beauty and MyPure

Have you still got some Christmas shopping left to do? Or have you not started yet? There're a couple of brilliant beauty offers online right now that might make present shopping and parting with your dosh a little bit sweeter.

Monday, 8 December 2014

REVIEW: Nourish Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

Serums are becoming an increasingly important part of my skincare routine. They can be highly effective at transporting active ingredients into the skin, making them an ideal option for treating specific concerns, such as fine lines and pigmentation. 

It is these types of issues that often crop up once we pass the age of 30, which was pretty much the point at which I started adding a serum into my daily skincare regime.

On the down side, good serums are often expensive because of the high level of actives in them. A decent serum that is affordable can be tricky to find. But there are some around and at £20 the Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum from Nourish is one of them.

Friday, 5 December 2014

NEW: Givenchy, Lipstick Queen, Hand Chemistry

There are some beautiful new make-up collections heading our way early next year. I’ve got my eye in particular on Chantecaille’s Glacier Eye Shadow Trio - a charity product dropping February that features a stunning iceberg embellishment (post here).

I’m also coveting a couple of upcoming skincare launches, not least Benefit’s Puff Off, an ‘instant’ wrinkle busting cream due January. I’m rather intrigued too by REN’s Instant Firming Beauty Shot, a gel serum to smooth and plump skin arriving a month later. There’s a theme going on here - ‘instant results’ (or promises thereof)!

This week Givenchy and Lipstick Queen announced striking new 2015 make-up collections. On the skincare front it was Hand Chemistry grabbing my attention with its new Retin-based body oil – and some rather lofty claims! 

Givenchy – COLOreCreation Collection ( February)