Monday, 10 February 2014

Goody Bag Event - At Space NK Stores Nationwide This Thursday

Space NK is holding a Makeup Makeover Event at its stores nationwide this Thursday (13th Feb). Spend more than £75 on the day and you'll receive a free collection of products (in the pic brands include Caudalie, Laura Mercier, NARs and Rodial), as well as a gorgeous embroidered cosmetic bag designed by Sew Lomax. There will be expert artists on hand at the events to help and advise you on good makeup choices. More details here



  1. Tracey, I read your description on Google+ and I am so pleased to hear that we are very similar in our interests. I also love skincare, particularly anti-ageing, and skincare devices is something I am very much into. The only difference is that I love needles and this is the only type of skincare devices that I am most familiar with at this stage. The other ones are something I know about, but I haven't tried yet. Can't wait to do that though… :)

  2. Mingaile, I've been thinking the same. We are alike :) Yes, I'm a bit gadget mad myself. Haven't gone down the needling route but I know it's hugely popular. I love my Sqoom ultrasound for pushing actives in to the dermis. But I guess needling delivers that too.


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