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Temple Spa Eye Truffle (this gem is on sale from tomorrow) - Tried and Tested review

Wow! That really is the only way to begin this review. After years of fruitless searching, I have finally found my eye cream gem. It’s a bold statement, and such high praise I don’t heap lightly, but Temple Spa’s Eye Truffle really is astoundingly good.

For me finding the right eye cream has been a long and arduous task, matched only by my search for my dream eye mask. I am incredibly picky when it comes to eye products. Can you blame me? Our eyes are usually the first feature others notice about us and, in a cruel twist of irony, they are also the first part of our face to show signs of ageing.

I have lost count of the number of different eye creams that I have tried over the years, and never before have I felt compelled to say that I have found ‘the one’. But then Eye Truffle is no ordinary eye cream.

Firstly, its pedigree has the potential to strike envy in other anti-ageing eye creams. Skin Truffle, its face cream sibling, was dubbed ‘a miracle treatment’ and scored a highest ever rating with the uber prestigious Anti-ageing Beauty Bible. That is high praise indeed. As a spring board for a new product launch, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Secondly, its ingredient list is luxurious and then some! Black summer truffles, champagne extract, strawberries (yes, I really am reeling off a product label, not decadent cuisine) are in the formula, as are other magical Truffle family ingredients including gold and silk actives.

Moving on to the rather more complex sounding elements, there are the same collagen boosting peptide Syn-Col and skin smoothing Happybelle-PE. The latter contains phyto-endorphins or fast acting ‘happy molecules’ that are said to make skin look luscious and give it a radiant glow.

New and unique to the eye formula are micronized sapphires, to soothe delicate skin, and PhytoCellTec Argan, a hi-tech skin firming active based on plant stem cells.

From the very first application of Eye Truffle I was smitten. This cream doesn’t just glide on the skin, it practically melts. As soon as it touches the skin it sinks in effortlessly to leave the eye area looking and feeling plumped, bright, firm, velvety smooth and deeply hydrated. What’s more, these results held between applications.

I confess this is all very gushing. But it is deserved praise. As a reviewer, I am fully aware of my responsibility to test and judge products fairly and honestly. To that end I always like to back up my anecdotal evidence of efficacy with before and after photos where possible and when appropriate, like I have done here.

I have been using Eye Truffle night and day for two weeks now, applying no other eye product during that period.

As you will see from my before and after shots below, there has been a significant improvement in the fine lines around my left eye. In fact, I can hardly see those lines now. Yes, when I smile the skin around the crow’s feet does still crinkle but even those smile lines are now more shallow than before. To say I’m delighted is to put it mildly!

Left eye: before Eye Truffle (L) and after two weeks (R)

There are fewer results on wrinkles to see around my right eye, as I have yet to develop any significant lines there. I believe the reason I have more lines around my left eye is because that is the side I sleep on at night – perhaps I should use my ‘save my face’ pillow more often! But suffice to say that the skin around my right eye is now softer, brighter and definitely more plumped. The pores also look smaller.

Right Eye: before eye Truffle (L) and after two weeks (R)

I started this review with 1 word, ‘wow’. And I am ending it with 8 words I thought I might never hear myself utter: I have finally found my eye cream gem.

Eye Truffle will be available online from Temple Spa here from tomorrow (1st March), priced at £60 for 15ml.

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  1. I am trying out a new eye cream now too, but still don't know if it has any amazing benefits. The one you are using looks brilliant!

    1. You know what it's like when you try something new and you're immediately blown away. Euphoric when you're passionate about skincare. It's never happened to me with eye creams before. The closest I've got to that is with Liz Earle's eye cream, which I do very much like and which has an SPF - don't find an SPF often in eye cream. Let me know how you get on with your review. I'd love to compare notes. Thanks again Mingaile for engaging :-)

    2. You are right! I have always been wondering why eye creams never have any SPF in them. May look at Liz Earle's eye cream at some point too!!! Especially given that summer is coming...

  2. Thanks so much for the great review!! For any skincare fans in the North of England there is also the chance to win an Eye Truffle totally free by hosting a Temple Spa skincare class at home! Just invite 6-8 girlfriends and we come along and take you through a fun, informative skincare evening with face masks and hot towels! As hostess you get a free gift and your friends get special offers on our products no available anywhere else!

    For more info contact me on the details below.
    Rachel Jebson
    Temle Spa Manager, Northern England

    1. That sounds great Rachel - and thank you for your kind words. Eye Truffle really is quite something. Anti-ageing skincare is such a passion of mine and when you try something that clicks with you, like Eye Truffle has done with me, it's so mood boosting and exciting.

    2. Love that you love it so much! Thanks again for the amazing review!! Xx

  3. I ve try too many eye cream but didnt find yet my fav...I m on the second this year, Lancaster and Caudelie but I dont see too much progress. You have a fabulous review about this serum Eye Truffle but I m gonna think about it :)
    tysm xx frm Portugal

    1. So lovely to hear from you! It totally works for me and is very luxurious. If you do buy it, let me know how you get on. X

  4. They only Ship to US :( I gonna try to find it here, some eye cream with truffles

    1. Zaida, I will speak to my brand contacts here and see if there is any way you can locate it in Portugal. Will message you shortly :)

    2. Thanks dear! :)

    3. Zaida, you can buy via Temple Spa's UK site and it will ship to Portugal. Here is the response I've had back from my UK contacts: "Our US site ships to the USA & Canada. Our UK site ships to Europe and the rest of the world, so if your follower orders from our UK site we will ship to Portugal and this will cost her £15 regardless of the size of the order." The UK site is or type and that should redirect you back to this domain too. I hope this works for you. Tx

  5. Do you know if they send free samples?
    Its too expensive one botlle and 15 €...

    1. Hi Zaida, I don't know re samples. You could DM them via their Facebook page or Twitter I understand you'd want to sample before purchasing and with the shipping issue too it makes it potentially expensive. I would explain the situation. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Let me know how you get on :)

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