Tuesday, 25 March 2014

L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate – Body Cream Heaven Scent

So exquisite is the fragrance of L’Occitane’s Almond Milk Concentrate that I would happily sit with a jar of it stuck under my nose all day. I really don’t think I have ever come across a body cream that smells as good as this. 

While the aroma is what first enticed me, this wonder of a body cream has a lovely rich and creamy texture that leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. I am never without a jar of it in my bathroom.

If you like your body creams to offer something more than simply a good scent and a creamy texture, this product offers that too. It has just been voted Best Cellulite Treatment by The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible   - a worthy winner of a celebrated award.

The anti-ageing properties here include a blend of silicium and almond proteins, which are said to help restore skin’s connective tissue, thereby fighting skin slackening. 

Sadly I am almost out of my current pot...

…but as luck would have it, I recently received in the post my latest offer from L’Occitane’s VIP customer loyalty programme, of which I am a member. I am heading to my local L’Occitane boutique tomorrow to buy another jar and pick up a Springtime Floral Collection free gift:

L’Occitane’s Almond Milk Concentrate costs £35 for 200ml and can be purchased here. Details on L’Occitane’s customer loyalty programme here.


  1. I love Loccitane their hand creams are so good! definitely want to try this, would love if you could check out my blog! X


    1. Thanks for reaching out! L'Occitane, divine. I've just got back from shopping there (more Almond purchases!). L'Occitane are usually pretty generous with giving out customers samples too, another reason why I like this brand so much. Will check out your blog now :)

  2. I use a face cream, but I tend to neglect my body. I try to apply some oil on my calfs as they are veeeery dry, otherwise, most of the products sit on my shelf unused.. LOL Happy Wednesday, Tracey!

    1. Well I too am better at looking after my face than my body, skincare wise. But I do try to remember to use a scrub in the bath and apply a good moisturiser after. This L'Occitane one really has quite an amazing aroma, for me anyway. If you ever get chance to smell it, I'd love to know what you think! Tx

  3. I have been hearing nothing but amazing things about L’Occitane in general. This cream sounds amazing. Great moisture AND scent is a hard find!

    1. Hi Megan, oh boy. L'Occitane. In my opinion difficult brand to beat on skincare fragrances. This Almond in partic is so lovely and they've just brought out some additional Almond products plus reformulations. Tx


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