Friday, 28 March 2014

New Products: Jeunvie - By Terry - Benefit

If you’re after something a little bit different then I may have just the thing. My top picks of new products this week include a candle for moisturising skin (yes, a candle), plus an innovative liquid face bronzer.

Jeunvie - Moisturising Candles (out now)

Jeunvie, a UK-based natural skincare brand, have launched a range of candles that can be used to not only lighten a room but also moisturise skin. Made with cosmetic grade soya wax and other pure and natural skincare plant oils, the candles are formulated specifically for stressed skin. The scented ones contain cosmetic grade fragrances and are allergen free. The melted wax can be applied directly to the skin via a spoon (included with the large size candles) and massaged in to soothe irritations and treat dry skin. Jeunvie say the candles burn at a relatively low temperature and are luke warm to the touch, so there's no danger of burning the skin. Available in two sizes, a miniature priced at £10 and a full size at £20. The large candles come in Coconut, rose blossom, lavender/chamomile and citrus scents, plus unscented. The small candle is available unscented or in rose, with spoons sold separately at £5 each. More on Jeunvie here.

By Terry - Tea to Tan and Cheek to Cheek (expected Space NK 14th April)

Described as a ‘revolutionary sun-kissed elixir’, Tea to Tan from By Terry is a water colour bronzer for the face. This iced-tea colour essence of waters and amber prisms is designed to brighten the complexion and add glow, and works like a drop-by-drop enhancer deep within the skin. Expected at Space NK around 14th April, priced at £36 for 30ml. More info here. Due to arrive simultaneously is By Terry Cheek to Cheek, a syrup blusher described as 100% water, 100% glow for flirty cheekbones and healthy glow. It will be priced at £29 for 20ml. More information here.

Benefit - Instant Comeback Facial Serum and Dream Screen (out June) 

Short on detail a little here but in June Benefit Cosmetics will be expanding their skincare range with the arrival of two new anti-ageing products: a face serum and a sunscreen. Instant Comeback Facial Serum is designed to firm, smooth and re-energise skin. Dream Screen, meanwhile, is said to be a fast absorbing sun protection formula with a silky feel. No info yet on ingredients for either or indeed what level of sun protection Dream Screen will offer. The serum will be priced £36 and the sunscreen £25. More on Benefit Cosmetics here.


  1. Those candles look fab. Everyone loves playing with candle wax anyway so what a great idea to take it one stage further. I'm definitely going to check out the By Terry Tea to Tan when it comes out. My skin some colour to warm it up. Great post with interesting finds. xx

    1. Thanks Alex. I think the candles look fab too. Very novel. The By Terry does sound good. I'm so pale but never step outside without spf so I'm with you on giving my face a bit of warm colour. Roll on summer! X

  2. That candle thing sounds really interesting! I don't think I could be bothered with doing all that thing, I like easy peasy application, but it's certainly not something I ever heard of!
    I love your blog! You have lots of stuff that are totally new for me! Where do you find out about all the novelties?

    1. I know what you mean about faffing around with complex application but I'm intrigued by this one. Btw kind words about my blog. Thank you! (I think may be I spend too long delving for stuff!). Likewise though your blog is a source of many new finds for me - those long fiber lashes immediately spring to mind! Tx

  3. I've never heard of candles that can be used for both scenting a room and skincare but it sort of makes sense considering some of the properties that both products contain. I might be tempted to give the lavender/chamomile fragrance a go! x

    1. Sound novel I agree. I think it might try the Rose one. I'm all for a new experience ;) x


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