Friday, 11 April 2014

Mimova Launches With Trio Of Luxury Beauty Products

My Demo of the E-One home hair reduction device
Last week saw the official launch of Mimova, a brand new company with a remit to source luxury beauty products for UK consumers and professional businesses.

One of the brands in its portfolio is Sqoom, the German-based anti-ageing home beauty device that I bought last summer and still absolutely adore (see my reviews part 1 and part 2 ). The other products in the Mimova family currently are the French made E-One home laser hair removal device, and the LipoGenie professional non-invasive eye bag reduction system. 

I had the pleasure of attending last week’s launch event in London for a taster of the products and to get an update on Sqoom.

Sqoom home anti-ageing

Firstly Sqoom. You can now buy the entire range of Sqoom products directly from, including the complete skincare line. This is good news as Selfridges, previously the exclusive UK supplier, sells a limited range of the skincare. There is further distribution news coming shortly. Watch this space…
E-One home laser hair reduction

My first taster session of the night was with the E-One, a home laser hair reduction machine popular in France. This uses the same IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser as professional hair removal systems and is the first device of its kind to be medically certified for personal use at home.

I am familiar with IPL. I have been using the IPL-based Philips Lumea laser hair removal machine at home for over 2 years now and it is fantastic. The E-One is more sophisticated and powerful than other home devices, and is packed with safety features. It’s a more medicalised treatment that calculates laser settings according to not only hair and skin colour, but also the thickness of the hair. It also heats the hair at 70oC (momentarily), the point at which the hair follicle is destroyed. 

But all this technology comes at a price - £1,390. That is around 3 times more than the cost of the Lumea but compares favourably against the cost of professional treatments. 
LipGenie professional

The final product I checked out was the LipoGenie, a professional laser-based salon treatment for reducing the appearance of eye bags. It can also be adapted to offer body fat reduction. 

More information on Mimova here.


  1. Why do these treatments have to cost so much, it's always good to read a comprehensive review before making a costly mistake! x

    1. Yep, deep pockets required. My feeling is that the E-one will appeal to those happy to pay for salon hair laser removal, a course of which can cost thousands, but who'd prefer the convenience of treating at home. The model Lumea that I have has since been superceded but it is still available to buy and for around £100 less than I paid, so hopefully when new models come out, old ones will be discounted. The Sqoom is currently £549. High-end again but I've bought cheap home ultrasound devices in the past and they just don't compare. But I do know what you mean, cheap these treatments are not! Tx

  2. I have to wonder why people spend a fortune on hair reduction machines like this, when you can get a permanent hair removal product called by Tria for much less than they are charging for an IPL machine... strikes me as odd!

    1. Hi Ellie. I know the Tria but I have never used it. For those who have had great results with it - brilliant. Likewise me with the Philips Lumea, which is IPL technology. IPL has been the standard for hair reduction in salons for about 20 years. It's very safe and very flexible. It's tried and tested. Laser tends to be more painful and you have to be extremely careful to avoid burning esp on darker skin types (IPL to some degree but there is more flexibility). I believe the Tria will lock if skin tone and hair colour are too close. The Tria window is also smaller as far as I understand and so it takes longer to treat. The E-one I'm told is the only IPL home device to heat hair at 70oC, that is the point at which the hair follicle is destroyed (permanent) and the level of power you only normally get with salon systems. Though saying that I have had excellent results with the Lumea. At the end of the day we all do the research, way up the pros and cons and make a decision on which device to buy. If our choice works for us - fab :)

    2. I've worked with the Tria, so I'd just like to say that it is impossible to burn yourself with the Tria, not only will it not unlock itself for treatment if the machine can't detect the right level of pigment, it also measures the amount of pulses you've directed and simply stops working after a certain level so you can't over do it. Yes the laser head is small, it actually cannot be made any larger and be sold for use at home. Yes you do have to treat for longer to achieve permanent results, but that's the point, it might be longer, but it's permanent.

      Of course people have to use the solutions correct for themselves following all the research they do of course, that I'm not questioning. IPL as a solution is a cheaper technology in general which is why the price of this machine shocks me slightly. That's all.

      Of course it has to work for the person involved, but that's a heavy tag when there are cheaper products that do just as well.

    3. Hi Ellie, thanks for your further comments. Yes I think we we both agree it's down to people researching the market and weighing up the pros and cons - each device has strength and weaknesses. I did mention the Tria safety lock feature in my comment above - safety features being mandatory in all home laser devices (that being true also for Lumea, ReAura, Tria rejuvenation whatever). But laser is powerful and needs using with great respect, so I do think it important to make the point that if applied incorrectly it can cause burns.

  3. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on these products! I hope you had a fab time at the launch in London (sounds like a fab thing to do!)! :) T.

  4. Thanks Tina. It was a good night. Playing around with a load of home beauty devices was right up my street! Tx


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