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Needle Is The Best Tool For Reducing Wrinkles, Says Mingaile Of Min’s Beauty Equipment

Face Up Beauty: I am a beauty device geek. I have so many gadgets at home – a ReAura laser, a Sqoom ultrasound, a Clarisonic brush, an Opal sonic infuser, a LightStim LED light treatment… you get the picture. But one device I don’t have, and have never tried, is a derma roller, a cylindrical shaped drum studded with very fine needles. Mingaile from Min’s Beauty Equipment knows a thing or two about needles and here below she talks about the benefits of this very popular anti-ageing treatment.   


The day comes when we wake up in the morning and see that our skin doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as it did 10 years ago. The first thing we do is start to panic. Next we rush to our computers and deploy our good friend Google to help us out. We start searching and researching in an attempt to find a treatment that will stop or maybe even reverse the damage done to our skin by simply getting older.

Natural often means discipline

People are always happy to try natural choices, but unfortunately natural often means discipline and not many of us have the willpower and motivation to stick to natural remedies.

People are scared of needles

One tool that people seem very scared of is a needle. The mere mention of it makes them screw up their faces in fear.  Often they are the same people who rub their faces with scourers, scrubs and other crazy things in an attempt to delay ageing. However, scourers do not penetrate the skin, so any effect is temporary.

The benefits of needling

So, what is good about needles? Needles, unlike scourers and scrubs, work on the deeper layers of the skin as well as the superficial. They stimulate collagen production, which means that skin improves from within, not only on the outside. Devices such as derma rollers reduce the thinning of the skin, which is one of the main signs of ageing. They also help resurface the top layer of our skin; if you have acne scars or wrinkles, then derma rollers are your tools. A further benefit is that they improve skincare product permeability.

Why are people scared of needles?

One big misconception is that the needles go very deep into the skin. Skin needling is actually done on a very superficial level and a lot of people say that it doesn’t hurt. There are plenty of  user reviews on the amazing results you can get with derma rollers - it is becoming the tool of choice for many women and men who want to keep their skin in good condition for as long as possible.

Derma rollers are cheap

You can buy yourself a derma roller for as little as £6 or £7, far less than you’d have pay for a top anti-ageing cream - and far more effective at improving the condition of your skin.

If you are unsure that a derma roller could make a difference to your wrinkles, try a needle first. Take a simple sewing needle and a sterilising solution. Sterilise your skin and needle, then puncture your wrinkles with it multiple times. Wait a few months and you will see that your wrinkles have smoothed out. Do it a few times and any fine lines will simply disappear; strong lines will become less noticeable too. Genius, simple and it doesn’t require any long-term dedication and sacrifice.

About the author. Mingaile Tarpy is a big fan of skin needling and the author of where she shares her experience in getting rid of frown lines with a sewing needle, which she claims is a very effective anti-ageing strategy.

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