Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Molton Brown Baubles – It Can Only Mean One Thing…

…Christmas! I know, I do apologise for mentioning the ‘C’ word when we’re in the middle of July! But summer is traditionally the time when brands unveil their Xmas ranges and these do drop on counter in the autumn. Yesterday was the turn of Molton Brown. I went along to its festive showcase, its first for a number of years, to get a sneak peek of the gifts it has lined up.

The limited edition sparkly numbers – many new for this year - will be in store from October, so there’s plenty of time before the main event to splash out and treat yourself. I have a sly feeling I will be snapping up some of this lot early.  What say you?

Here is a round-up of what’s new:

Festive Baubles - £10 each

I’ve bought beauty themed tree decorations in the past (last year it was a miniature  Aromatherapy Associates oil) but never ones where the bottle is itself the bauble, as here. Usually the bit you hang from the tree is the box, with the product tucked inside.  I think this Molton Brown number is clever. The 75ml baubles come as body washes in Black Peppercorn, Eucalyptus, Gingerlily, Orange & Bergamot, Pink Pepperpod, Templetree and Ylang-Ylang. A Frankincense & Allspice hand wash will be available too.

The Oudh Accord & Gold Trio – from £20

This I love! A brand new luxury collection comprising Oudh-scented body wash, body lotion and candle. Oudh is derived from the rare Aquilaria tree native to south east Asia. The extracted oil is reputedly the most expensive in the world! Molton Brown has added real gold flecks to the wash, adding to the opulence and delivering a fitting festive sparkle. The formulae – which also include cinnamon leaf oil – smell sweet, woody and aromatic. A fragrance is on the way too, I’m told! 

Pink Pepperpod Cracker - £20

A collection of treat size Pink Pepperpod products presented in an ornate red cracker.  Inside is a 50ml body lotion, 50ml body wash and 40ml replenishing hand cream.

The Three Kings Candle Set - £60

As its name suggests, a set of gold, frankincense and myrrh candles. More precisely we have Oudh Accord & Gold Trinity Candle, Frankincense & Allspice Trinity Candle and Myrrh Musk & Cypress Trinity Candle.

Precious Gems Soap Collection - £25

Molton Brown’s first ever soaps (not counting the men’s skincare ones). This trio of glycerine-based scented jewels consists of Orange & Bergamot Citrine Soap, Gingerlily Fireopal Soap and Pink Pepperpod Sapphire Soap - each 100g.

More on Molton Brown here.


  1. Looking forward to seeing these in stores! Love Molton Brown!

  2. Oh my word Christmas already! It's not even entering my brain right now but I am impressed by Molton Brown. To be honest I do think the Christmas goodies do hit the shelves far to early these days though, same with Easter Eggs...

    1. Christmas does seem to get earlier every year, you're right, LOL!

  3. I'm looking forward to Christmas with all the events popping up, looks like a great event.


    1. I looking forward to seeing all the new launches too. Exciting! Tx

  4. I like Molton Brown products, they always put me in a good mood and make me feel just a little bit more special

    1. They're bath and body ranges are fab. I love the travel size bath and shower gels they do. Perfect for holidays and taking to the gym. Tx

  5. It is so freaking hot in Florida that you must excuse me that I am not yet in the right Christmas spirit- lol! But I also have to admit that this all looks way daring! So pretty! I want it all....for Christmas!!! hehe! Thank you so much for your super sweet birthday wishes! Now you know my age- time to tell yours! ;-) Just kidding! Only if you want to! No pressure- lmao! Kisses sweet Tracey!

    1. We're having Florida heat in the UK right now. It's stifling. Thunder and lightening, very very frightening too ;). Did you see the comment I left on your birthday post? A reveal (OK, sort of!). Hugs Sissi Tx


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