Friday, 1 August 2014

2 Outstandingly Good Tan Fakers

As this is probably the last post I’ll be doing before taking a blogging break for my summer hols, it seemed only fitting that I should do it on my two favourite tan fakers. I simply couldn’t survive summer without either of these.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

I had heard great things about Xen-Tan and planned to try out one of their self-tanners this year. When I went along to my local Space NK a while back to buy said product the consultant I spoke to for advice was utterly ‘glowing’ about this new formula.  I can see why!

I have a problem with self-tanners as a rule. My skin is pale but has a yellow undertone. Virtually all the self-tanners I’ve tried develop on the pink side and that just looks plain odd on me. This Xen-Tan product is formulated especially for olive skin. It’s perfect. Plus it contains some fabulous moisturising, anti-oxidant and deeply soothing skincare ingredients too.

Skincare includes:

-    Green tea
-    Aloe Vera
-    Shea Butter
-    Ginko Biloba
-    Vitamin E

Why I love it so much:

-    Develops a natural looking tan with olive undertones, not pink, or heaven forbid, orange! 
-    A doddle to apply with a mitt and is easily buildable for a deeper colour
-    Gorgeous vanilla scent, none of that nasty fake tan smell
-    Never streaks, develops an all-over even colour in 3 hours
-    Lasting  tan that fades naturally and evenly
-    Contains some of my favourite skincare ingredients
-    Formulated without parabens
without Xen-Tan on inside arm (L) and with one application on outside arm (R)

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe costs £28.99 for 236ml and can be bought here.

Champney’s Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil

A firm favourite of mine for the past few years, this instant bronzer gives skin a most gorgeous golden colour and a dazzling shimmer! Pour it directly from the bottle into your hand and you’ll think you’re cradling liquid gold!
Champneys shimmering oil - looks a lot like liquid gold

Whether you’re starting out with pasty white skin or already have some colour and simply wish to take it a shade deeper, this product really is the biz. In summer I apply it most days on top of my ‘Xen-Tan-ned’ legs and arms.
Champneys shimmering oil applied neat

Champneys shimmering oil lightly blended

This reminds me a lot of Nuxe Prodigieuse dry oil shimmer but with one major difference –  price! The Champneys oil costs £10/75ml compared to Nuxe’s  £34/100ml! Also, it is often available on a Boots 3 for 2 offer. 

Skincare includes:

-    Jojoba oil
-    Sesame  oil
-    Rice bran oil
-   sandalwood/patchouli/ylang ylang essential oils

Why I love it so much:

-    Instant formula so no hanging about waiting  for a colour to develop
-    Doesn’t streak, applies smoothly and evenly
-    The shimmer it gives is striking but not overpowering (so not bling!)
-    Gives skin a gorgeous golden colour
-    Feels very moisturising on the skin
-    Brilliant value for money

Champneys Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil can be bought here.


  1. I'v never tried either of these fake tans, but the results look good x

  2. Never tried to use fake tans but I guess it's about the time, cause they look great! (I had one attempt and failed miserably! :D )

  3. I'm such a tan a phobe lol but these look like a good idea! Thanks xx

  4. I got some amazing stuff from Savers for the legs - ST moritz, obvious San Tropez rip off, but it is fab and gives a lovely colour.


  5. Really really really want to try xen tan!! Heard so many amazing things about it! :D


  6. That is a great post! I want to try a fake tan, because I can't sunbathe, but I am afraid to look orange, so I never tried it, Now you said your skin is pale, and so I may have a chance, since you like it! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I gotta try the Xen-Tan. My tan lines are clearly evident right now. :0 T.

  8. Hi Tracey- sorry for being absent but we went on a little trip but I am back now and trying to catch up. These tanners sound great- I am happy they work for you and I am loving the natural ingredients. The packaging looks also so luxurious. Self tanners never work on me as I do not like the scent they have- it does not matter how much they claim they don´t smell, my tiny sensitive nose can still smell this oxidation that happens on the skin- lol. Lots of love to you my self tanned friend! Kisses, Sissi

  9. Oh, I like the shimmering body oil. I used to go to sun beds regularly for many many years, so I never needed self-tanners. I did use one a few times though and I thought it looked good, but I am pleased that I have learned to love my natural colour now. I do look a bit better after a holiday though.. lol
    Hope you are having a good time and looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you return..

  10. Oh the shimmering body oil looks awesome!


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