Monday, 27 October 2014

Shiffa Healing Balm – Dry Skin SOS

It’s good to be prepared. As the nights draw in and we hurtle towards ever colder weather, I’m gathering together an arsenal of products that will see my skin through the challenging seasons ahead. Plummeting temperatures and dry winds can wreak havoc on our skin!

Taking a pride of place in my ‘Winter Skin SOS’ line-up will be this product: Shiffa’s Healing Balm. I discovered Shiffa earlier this year, just after the brand became available to buy nationwide via – it was previously only available from selected beauty halls.

Beautifully packaged
Shiffa is a Dubai-based organic skincare company and I really think you’d be hard pushed to find products more divine smelling. The high concentrations of pure natural ingredients in the formulations shine through in the aromas.  The products are also all beautifully packaged.

I interviewed Shiffa founder Dr Lamees Hamdan back in May – you can read the post here. She travels the world sourcing organic ingredients from their country of origin for her ‘skin healing’ products – Shiffa means ‘to heal’ in Arabic. The shea butter comes from the African savannah, rosemary from the Italian hills, mango from tropical Asia, and so on.

Healing Balm is one of Shiffa’s award winning hero products. It includes the 3 skin softening and aromatic ingredients mentioned above, as well as skin repairing Indian neem, anti-inflammatory lavender and soothing chamomile. It’s a gorgeous cocktail for soothing and repairing skin.   

It’s a multi-functional product that can be used for minor skin irritations, chapped skin, minor burns, eczema, allergies and stretch marks. You name it, there’s a multitude of uses for it. It’s also ideal as an aftershave balm to soothe and repair skin, though I haven’t told hubby this for obvious reasons –  hands-off, it’s my jar!

I’m currently using Healing Balm as the last step in my skincare routine at night. Scooped from the jar it’s a slightly textured balm, which melts to the smoothness of soft butter as you massage it in. It’s rich and soothing, and absorbs beautifully. It feels very protective on my skin, like there’s a layer of invisible armour between my face and environmental aggressors outside!     

While the rich texture makes this a good option for night application, so does the aroma. This is powerful but not overwhelming, and it lingers, meaning by the time I go to bed I can still smell the fragrant lavender and rosemary base. It’s very conducive to sleep! And that is precisely what I need right now – getting by on just 6 hours a night, as I am, really is not doing my skin any favours!

Shiffa Healing Balm costs £50 for 30ml. You can buy it from Space NK here.

PR Sample


  1. That sounds amazing, you certainly conjure up thoughts of delicious aromas! I love having a good smelling cream to apply just before sleep, it's so therapeutic. x

  2. This sounds like a nice product, I have dry skin.

  3. I like the sound of this. I have a couple of products which do lots of things and they are a great space saver in my make up bag.

  4. Looks like a great product! I used to suffer from dry skin, but I think my skin is changing…

  5. Just my kind of product, I love balms. Can you smell the Neem in it? X

    1. Hi Karen, no, I can't smell the neem. I'm guessing it's masked by the strong scent of the lavender and rosemary. The aroma is just gorgeous. Tx

  6. This looks incredibly luxurious. A real dose of love for our skin!

  7. Sounds a great product to try and help with the awful dry skin I have on parts of my face.

  8. i need something like this as my skin gets really dry at times during winter. damn the price though!

  9. Sadly, I am already feeling the effects of this season's weather. This stuff looks fab! T.

  10. Oh Tracey, this sounds like a product made in heaven! I just love if a product is rich and smells luxurious! I wanna take a bath in this jar of goodness! BTW you will be surprised how eye brow hair I plugged away since I was 18. Here is a photo of it While I do not want crazy eyebrows like that again- I need more hair! loooool! Thank you for understanding my eyebrow problems hehe. Kisses, Sissi


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