Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Love Perfume Awards - and the Do's + Don’ts of Fragrance Buying

Last week The Perfume Shop held the 2014 Love Perfume Awards. Gongs handed out included Best Women’s Launch, Best Men’s Launch, Best Celebrity Launch and Best Bottle Design.

The event got me thinking about my own modest collection of fragrances and wondering whether it included any ‘The Perfume Shop’ winners. It doesn’t (more on the winners in a minute).

My current collection comprises: 3 Jo Malone fragrances - Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Grapefruit; Chanel Coco Mademoiselle; Aqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile; Clinique Happy; and Shiffa’s Kore  (review here).  So that is 7 bottles in total - I told you it was modest!

My 3 Jo Malone favourites
I then started thinking about how I choose my fragrances. I rarely peruse perfume shops or the perfume aisles of beauty halls looking for something new.  I’ve built my collection around scents I’ve been given as presents over the years and loved, as well as scents I’ve adored on friends (checking they smell just as lush on me of course!).  There’s also been the odd ‘free gift with purchase’ sample that has totally wowed me.  I would consider my taste in perfumes to be generally classic.

I am loyal to my little collection, replacing bottles as soon as I run out - actually, usually before I get to the end so I don’t run out! The way I buy perfume is very unlike the way I buy skincare. I am forever sampling skincare, purchasing new launches, and mixing and matching brands.

A few weeks ago I attended The Perfume Bible book launch. Authors Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay talked us through the Do's and Don’ts of perfume buying, such as:

-    DO lots of sampling - ensure you jot down the name of scents as you go, though!
-    DO leave fragrances to develop on you before deciding whether you like them or not
-    DON’T rub your wrists together after spraying perfume on them– it crushes the scent
-    DON’T be afraid to mix different fragrances together – many women in the Middle East do this and they always smell heavenly!

Back to the Love Perfume Awards. The awards, now in their fourth year, were voted for by customers and more than 7,000 entries were received this year. Did you vote? Do you have any winners in your collection? Or, like me, do you have old favourites that you keep on buying again, and again, and again…?

The 2014 Love Perfume Awards - winners included:  

Best Women’s Launch: Marc Jacobs Honey
Best Men’s Launch: Boss Bottled Unlimited
Best Celebrity Launch: Nicki Minaj Minajesty
Best Bottle Design: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
Nose of the year (Men): David Beckham
Nose of the year (Women): Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
The Perfume Experts’ Choice Award: Dolce & Gabbana Dolce


  1. I have those very Jo Malone fragrances! I'm guilty of sticking to the same scents I've been wearing hypnotic poison since 2001!

  2. I did not vote. But like you I have my favourite scents that I am loyal too, including YSL Rive Gauche!

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  3. I am so bad at remembering to wear perfume! I need to try and remember. I tend to see what smells I like on others and then try them on myself :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. I've never been a perfume person. Friends seem to have hundreds of bottles but I've got three and can't find any more that I like. I tried all of them in Boots when I was getting married and still couldn't find another one I liked - I like perfume on other people but on me they just smell awful! The trick is to find the ones you love and stop looking, at least it was for me hehe!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  5. Would love to try the Jo Malone fragrances x

  6. Great tips! I didn't know not to rub my wrists together after they are perfumed! Will have to stop doing that!!! T.

  7. Very good tips Tracey! I hate American perfume stores. They look so cheap! I am not even sure if they sell the real thing and if the women there have a clue about perfume. In Germany these kind of stores are really nice and elegant and the ladies know there stuff. Unfortunately I have figured out now that almost all perfumes are not cruelty´s a shame! ;-( Kisses, Sissi

  8. I'm completely different with perfume I probably pick and choose different ones more than I do with skin care!


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