Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cannabis Skincare for 2015!

You read it right: topical cannabis launching 2015.

Bob Marley is perhaps not a name you would normally expect to read on a beauty blog. For that matter neither is cannabis. But if you picked up a national newspaper this week, the reason I mention both here may not be too surprising.

The family of Bob Marley has got together with private equity firm Privateer Holdings to launch the world’s first global cannabis brand. Marley Natural will offer premium cannabis products that honour the life and legacy of the late reggae legend, who was known to enjoy ‘the herb’, as he called it.

Not surprisingly the news got picked up widely by the media and if you read beyond the headlines you will have discovered that the brand’s products are to include a line of topicals – yes skincare! 

According to the Marley Natural website, the venture will offer, among its various product offerings, “cannabis- and hemp-infused topicals, including sun repair creams and balms containing Jamaican botanicals such as aloe and coconut”.
Credit: Monosnaps

Marley felt cannabis brought him inner peace and furthered his creativity. “When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself,” he said.

But before you all get too excited, or outraged, depending on which side of the cannabis argument you stand on, the products will only ship to areas where pot is legal!

Find out more on Marley Natural here.


  1. I think it's a shame that they are only shipping to countries where it is legal. Hemp products are acceptable in most places and that comes from the same plant.

    Lilla from Lilla Loves

  2. Hemp is reported to be very good for dry skin, I am sure cannabis would be the same x

    1. Yes, hemp, you're right. Holland & Barrett sell a range (at least one I know of). I've never tried it though.

  3. I don't understand why they're only shipping to places where it is legal. Surely you can't get high from skincare?!

    1. The law is the law. If a product contains cannabis they could be prosecuted for shipping to countries where it is illegal.

  4. Very interesting, I didn't know about the cannabis skincare products. It would be good if it was shipped everywhere though! x

  5. Never would I have imagined that I would read something so interesting about beauty products ! I wonder how these work on skin with issues like eczema due to extreme drying out... Manjiri -sliceoffme

  6. I had no idea cannabis could be used topically for skincare. The folks in Colorado will likely soon have firsthand experience in using these products. T.

  7. Bring it on! hehehehehehehe!xoxo, Sissi


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