Monday, 10 November 2014

November’s Fave Freebie – Nails Inc Polish (reviewed)

I have some good news: the dry spell is over! Before you start thinking I’ve gone bonkers and taken up rain dancing to invoke the recent inclement weather, I’d better explain that I’m not talking about the stuff that falls from the sky. I refer instead to the stuff that comes free with the monthly lifestyle mags – beauty freebies!

After 2 months of barely nothing, November is awash with them. Cosmo, Elle, InStyle, Bazaar, Red and Glamour – they all come with a free beauty product this month (there may be other titles too but these were the ones I spotted in my local WH Smith last Friday).

So - choices, choices, choices! Selecting this month’s fave freebie was a toughie, not unlike the almost impossible decision when given first dibs on a Hotel Chocolat Sleekster box. In the end I plumped for a Nails Inc polish that comes free with December’s Glamour. 

At £2 I think Glamour is exceptionally good value for money.  It’s even more so when you consider that the free polish is worth £11. I’m pretty certain that is a higher retail value than any of the freebies bundled with the aforementioned magazines, though don’t quote me as I didn’t take notes.

If I hand't already tried Benefit’s Push-Up Liner I’d have gone for Elle, which has a travel size on its front cover.  This much-hyped liner has had very mixed reviews. Personally I really dislike it – it dries too quickly, it clumps and it’s difficult to draw a straight line. The Elle freebie gives you the chance to sample it before committing to the full size.

There are 4 Nails Inc/Glamour shades to choose from: Wigmore Street (dark blue), Tate (red), Marylebone Mews (lilac grey) and  Hanover Square (deep purple). I picked Marylebone Mews. Hanover Square was the shade I actually wanted but my local Smiths didn’t have it – I searched through the whole rack to check, twice!

Nails Inc, Marylebone Mews – Review

These full size 10ml bottles have the ‘Glamour’ logo embossed on the front, an indication perhaps of the growing value of these freebie collaborations to beauty and magazine brands alike!

The colour of Marylebone Mews will pretty much go with anything. Now I come to think of it, perhaps this was a wise choice of shade after all! Not just for its ‘mix and match’ quality but also because Grey is about to become massive. The’50 Shades of Grey’ film premieres next year and there’s going to be lots of tie-in beauty products hitting the shops –  OPI and Make Up Forever (MUFE) were among those pre-announcing ’50 Shades of Grey’ licensed products last week.

I was a little disappointed with Marylebone Mews when I applied it. It was thin and watery -  it really didn’t look much on. Then, as it dried, it settled into a uniform wash of grey which I did like. It does need two coats though, and even then this is a subtle shade, not a ‘hit me in the face’ block of colour.

You can buy more Nails Inc polishes here, ranging  in price from £5 to £14.

Other Freebies Available This Month:

Elle – Benefit Push-Up liner
Red – Rodial lip balm
InStyle – Murad exfoliator cleanser
Tatler – Cowshed hand cream
Harper’s Bazaar – Estee Lauder mascara
Cosmo – Nip + Fab body moisturiser



  1. Always love getting freebies, it's always exciting especially when they're actually pretty good! Love the colour here :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  2. I do love nail inc and a freebies so might just have to go and buy the mag x

  3. I do love mag freebies, and usually when I buy one, I go for the goodies it comes with it! :-)

  4. What a lovely colour! I love a good freebie, and I'm excited that Elle have the Benefit Push-Up liner. I'm going to pick up mine on my way home from work today!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx

    1. The colour has grown on me :) Yes, the Elle freebie is great. If you buy it I'd love to know how you get on with the liner because I'm afraid I really don't like it. Tx

  5. I do love a good magazine freebie and the nails inc formula is very nice too :)

  6. Love freebies. I would have gone for the Wigmore Street shade. Think I may have to just go and buy the magazine lol!

    Laura x x x

    1. It's pretty fab that there are 4 shades to choose from. We all like different things so... :) Tx

  7. We all like a few freebies. Nice colour polish, Tracey! I don't subscribe to any mags, but I do buy them from time to time..

    1. I don't subscribe to any either. I prefer to go and look every month before choosing. Mags are not consistent enough with their freebies for me to subscribe to any, though of course you do save loads of money by signing-up compared to buying them at the newsagents each month. Tx

  8. I also own a nail polish from nailsinc and I have to say you need 3 coats to get an opaque look. Yes, it is watery- but once you got the 3 coats it will look fabulous. I really love grey shades on my nails and I think you really can wear it with anything as I find this is like a neutral shade. Kisses my darling, Sissi

    1. 3 coats noted Sissi! Glad it isn't just me who finds their formulas a little on the thin side. Tx

    2. And to your other question: No, usually I don´t apply 3 coats. Only with Nails Inc. it seems it needs 3 coats! ;-)

  9. Is it really bad I've only just got around to reading this edition of glamour dohh!!


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