Friday, 12 December 2014

Beauty Buzz - From Beard Baubles to 4 Tips For Thicker Brows

My pick of beauty stories from the web this week…



Beard Baubles –  media-wide 

I start on a festive note and a crazy one at that! Over the past few days you may have seen this image of a man wearing baubles on his beard. It’s been all over online media and shared widely socially too –  it’s cropped up on my Facebook feed several times already! But before you men out there (and women on behalf of your partners) get too excited, the beard baubles have now sold out! For latest stocking details the supplier’s website is here.

50 Products to Buy Before You Die – Allure Magazine

Judging by the reader comments left on Allure Magazine’s Facebook page this week, under its post ’50 Beauty Products to Buy Before You Die’, a lot of us are pretty savvy when it comes to separating the beauty product wheat from the chaff.  Of the 50 products featured, many Allure Facebook followers noted they had at last half of them. What about you? Click here to find out.

Eating Your Way to Healthier Skin – Marie Claire

Dry, red or ageing skin? According to Marie Claire this week, forget trendy diets and fads, the way to improve our skin’s health through diet is to eat foods that target specific problems. So, should cellulite be your main concern, consume green tea - and lots of it. If ageing skin bothers you, gorge on berries. The magazine has called on the expertise of new bespoke well-being service Sprout Market to come up with a heap of useful advice, which can be found here.

Julia Roberts for Givenchy – Elle

I love Julia Roberts for the way she is embracing her natural beauty as she gets older. She has completely shunned cosmetic surgery, unlike so many of her fellow Hollywood stars  - Renee Zellweger immediately springs to mind.  And Julia looks all the more stunning for it. No surprises then that Givenchy should chose her as the face of its Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.  Bravo Givenchy! Read Elle’s report on the campaign here.

4 Tips for Thicker Brows  - Women’s Health

As someone who seriously over plucked her eyebrows as a teen, I know how frustrating it can be to grow them back again.  It took me years and even though they have regained a certain ‘bushiness’, they’re not quite the same as they once were. The fashion for Cara Delevingne brows apart, there really is no denying that fuller brows make you look younger. If you’re struggling to counter years of overzealous behaviour with a pair of tweezers, Women’s Health magazine reposted on its Facebook timeline this week four great tips for thicker, fuller brows. Find it here.


  1. The 50 products to try before you die is so,etching I've bookmarked to see how many I have used x

  2. Oh my word those beard baubles are hilarious I love them, hoping this sets a craze, would love to see all the guys wearing these.

  3. You are lucky you've been able to re-grow your brows, I over plucked mine too and they simply won't grow back now, no matter what I try :( Won't stop me having a go at the tips in the article though!

  4. Love this post. As the wife of a man who has just shaved his beard off, those beard baubles make me shudder!


  5. I am completely bemused by the beard baubles x

  6. Yum! Green tea and berries for better skin! I'm totally sold! :) T.

  7. 50 products to try before you die. I don't think I have tried that many of them, but there is so much choice these days that I don't think I will try half of them before I die. Food is definitely important when it comes to skincare, but often it's easier to say than to do. I am not good with dieting in any shape or form... I like the beard baubles, but I would find it a bit weird if I saw someone wearing them for real, in a Christmas party fine, but on the tube on the way to work would be too much to take.. :)

  8. You know that I so much agree on the eyebrows. I am so happy- have not plucked in 3 month (except if a stray was really in a total wrong area lol) and I am loving my results! Looks so much more natural and youthful. Now for the beard baubles I am gonna ask my husband if he will do that on Christmas for us- lmao - oh wait- he has no beard! hehehehehehe.xoxo, Sissi

  9. I love the beard baubles, but seeing as they are sold out I'll just have to tie regular sized baubles to bf's beard. ^_^


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