Thursday, 11 December 2014

Philips Confirms Details of Alternative Skincare for ReAura Home Laser

Philips has just got in touch to confirm details of alternative skincare that can be used with its discontinued ReAura home laser (story).

This is welcome news for users, who’ve been concerned about ongoing support following  the company’s decision to stop manufacturing the device.

In place of the ReAura Laser Performance Gel, Philips recommends using Tria Beauty’s Smoothstart Calming Gel, from the latter’s laser hair removal range. It costs £25 (60ml) and available at Amazon here.

In place of the ReAura Aftercare Complex, Philips recommends using an aloe vera cream or gel or, if preferred, a mild moisturising cream.

It seems ironic that Philips should be recommending skincare from Tria Beauty, who followed Philips into the home laser skin rejuvenation market with a rival device that has proved popular - it costs several hundred pounds less than the ReAura! Users though will welcome that Philips has put their interests first.

The ReAura was ground-breaking when it launched in 2011. It was developed in conjunction with the makers of Fraxel, widely considered to be the gold standard for non-ablative  fractional lasers.


  1. the tria calming gel does NOT work, it dries on the skin so the reaura does not glide properly and then it clogs up the head so the laser head will stop working altogether. Do NOT waste your money on it like I have! Any other WORKING and effective alternative known please?

    1. Thank you for this. It's very useful to know. I haven't tried the Tria gel as I bought a job lot of the ReAura one as soon as I knew the machine was being discontinued. It's infuriating that something Philips suggested as an alternative turns out to not work. Philips do seem to have just abandoned ReAura users. Given how much the machine cost, that is very poor indeed. Have you tried glycerin? I know that has worked for some people. All the best. Tx

  2. I agree that the Reaura does not work at all with the tria calming gel. I had a degree of success with glycerin for a short while but now that is ineffective also. I think it is appalling that customers were fobbed off and left with a very expensive but ultimately unusable device.


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