Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lip Balms on Test – Trilogy, Dr Lipp, Elemis, By Terry

I’ll be glad to see the back of Winter – if only for the sake of my poor lips. I’ve been getting through so much balm. It’s not been unseasonably cold or windy, so I’m guessing the main cause of my dehydrated smackers is central heating. 

I have four lip soothers on the go – one I keep in the bathroom, another in my bedroom, a third in the kitchen and the fourth in my make-up bag. One is an old favourite, another a workhorse, the third decadently luxurious and the final one, well, a massive disappointment!

Trilogy Everything Balm

This has been my lips’ best friend for the past few years. It’s instantly soothing and moisturising, and sits on the lips as light as a feather. It smells gorgeous – it contains more than 10 oils including rosehip (one of my all-time  favourites), evening primrose, marula and jojoba. If green credentials are important, it ticks that box too. Trilogy Everything Balm costs £12.50 for 45ml (such a bargain).

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

This is the workhorse, for lips in need of some serious TLC.  It’s the thickest of the four balms. It is almost paste like in consistency and sits on the lips like a coat of amour. It is a little sticky, though, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

Dr Lipp is made from ultra pure medical grade lanolin. It was originally developed as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women (hence the name), and like the Trilogy product can be called on to do more than lip duty – use it on dry cuticles, feet, eczema, small grazes (and, yes, nipples!). Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips costs £11.50 for 15ml.

Elemis Lip Revive

Oh dear, the fail. My husband bequeathed this to me some time ago after he got given it as part of an Elemis in-flight ‘comfort’ kit. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve got a dud here. The thing is, mine contains horrible tiny grains, yet I can’t see mention of exfoliation on the Elemis website. I can’t abide the grains - they irritate my lips.

Elemis says the formula protects, repairs, heals and soothes.  I just can’t see any of that going on for me. There are two customer reviews of Lip Revive on the Elemis website (at time of post). While that’s not many to go on, they do both give this a 5 star rating, so perhaps I’ve just been unlucky. Elemis Lip Revive costs £16 for 7ml.

By Terry Baume De Rose

This is a cult classic and the most luxurious of the four featured.  It’s a dreamy texture –as smooth, rich and creamy as gourmet Echiré butter. The scent is subtle, yet unmistakably rosey. It contains rose flower essential wax to soften, pastel oil to boost cell renewal, and shea butter to soothe. Yes it’s pricey, but everyone deserves an affordable luxury from time-to-time. Plus it’s another multi-tasker – use it on cuticles as well as lips. By Terry Baume De Rose costs £39 for 10g.


  1. Mmm the perfect post to for me I was just thinking about purchasing a new lip balm, I will be definetly trying out the Elemis and trilogy. k x

  2. I constantly need to use lip balm working outside need protection on my lips for definite, I will definitely try your old favorite, sounds great.

    1. The Trilogy product is gorgeous - and so reasonably priced :) Tx

  3. This is a great post for me too as I am always searching for great new lip balms, especially at this time of year. The Trilogy sounds especially good!

  4. I love a good lip balm but I try to stay clear from jar like packaging.

  5. can't beat a good lip balm I'm forever buying them xo

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, totally with you on that. I'm big fan of the Trilogy brand generally. Tx

  7. Wow, grains in a product for lips!? I have never seen this myself, so sounds weird! Luckily, Elemis certainly did better with they SpaBus at the Pro Beauty Show.. They looked quite impressive, even though I have never tried their skincare products. I don't know if you see my replies to your comments on my blog. Please let me know so that I know whether to bother responding directly or not. If you don't see them, I might as well comment back here like I do with some other girlfriends...

  8. Oh, yes--this winter's cold, dry weather is taking its toll on my lips, too. Glad to read about these products. Sounds like several of them are must try products! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. wow great lip balms here.baume de rose
    is on my wishlist for so long.loved ur post.


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