Wednesday, 25 March 2015

NEW LAUNCH: Espa's Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser – Review + Swatches

Having a handful of different tinted moisturisers, alphabet creams and foundations at your disposal is useful, as it means you can switch up or down the type of coverage according to needs and preferences.

On days when I work from home I barely step foot outside the front door, usually leaving the house only to drop off and collect the kids from school. Then I want a base that’s light, something that feels feather-weight on my skin and gives a barely there wash of colour.

Evenings out with the girls, however, or a romantic candle-lit supper date with hubby (not much of that going on these days, what with two young kids at home), will see me reaching out for a formula offering greater coverage, for (dare I say it) a more air-brushed finish.  

The seasons also dictate my preferences. In Spring and Summer I tend to gravitate towards lighter products than I do, say, in Autumn and Winter. Which brings me nicely to this new tinted moisturiser from Espa, a choice product for brighter, warmer Spring days (we can but hope!). 

Espa Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser combines matte mineral pigments with jojoba oil in a blendable and hydrating formula – and comes with a heap of anti-ageing ingredients too!  There are four shades available, which can be worn light or layered for a step up in coverage.

Key ingredients:

Sunflower Seed Concentrate - hydrates and strengthens
White Lupin - increases elasticity and firmness
Spruce Knot Extract - prevents free radical damage
Shea Butter and Hyaluronic acid - locks in moisture
UVA and UVB sun filters with Argan, Vitamin E and Chamomile Extract to provide SPF 15 protection

My dry skin is a good test of a formula that claims to hydrate. Anything remotely drying just won’t blend, leaving me with patchy coverage and a tight feeling. I’m not getting any of that here.

The formula is more akin to skincare than make-up. It feels the same as a moisturiser as you apply it. It blends in a treat, delivers a lovely dewy finish, and keeps skin moist. Coverage is definitely on the sheer side - even if layered the look remains natural - so you may need to team it with concealer in places.

It can be worn alone or applied over your regular moisturiser. I always do the latter, regardless of what tinted moisturiser, alphabet cream or foundation I’m using. My skin is dry (and getting drier as I get older). The more hydration I can throw at it, the better it looks (hydrated skin has far fewer wrinkles and lines than dehydrated – obvious when you think about!).

I also prefer a 30SPF, so will again always layer a sunscreen underneath (my derm is of the opinion that you should always use a dedicated SPF, rather than totally rely on a moisturiser that combines one).   

The four shades available (from fairest to darkest) are Nude, Blush, Almond and Tan. The two swatched above are 01 Nude (top) and 02 Blush. The former is for fair skin with cool, light undertones; the latter for fair to medium skin with peachy-pink undertones.

Espa Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser costs £32 for 50ml and is available direct from ESPA.

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  1. Oh looks very nice I like the look of the Blush one x

    1. Blush has more pigment and is my preferred shade too. Tx

  2. oh this does sound wonderful will be taking a peak at this

  3. I also tend to have dry skin - if I don't take good care of it, always hydrating it... and I like some full coverage for some winter days... so this one looks good, but as you said it tends to moisturize - which is good - but is sheer... not the one for me in winter, but in the summer it would be great!

  4. I like the blush one and the almond one will be better for me in summer x

    1. I'm going to swatch test the Almond in my local Fenwick - I saw they had the range yesterday. I think it might suit my skin better in Summer too. Tx

  5. I've never heard of this brand before but the price sounds reasonable, I will have to look out for it.

    1. Espa has its routes in spa retreats. Their skincare range is really quite exquisite, formulated with essential oils, making it beautifully aromatic. Tx

  6. I love a good tinted moisturiser as a time-saving option. I have combination skin so really need to add extra hydration to the edges of my face which are so dry at the moment.


  7. This tinted moisturizer sounds great! I had never tried one until recently. I liked it, though. T.

  8. I love tinted moisturizers- but your dermatologist is probably right. If we use an all in one product the SPF is probably thinned out and not working properly. Kisses, Sissi


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