Tuesday, 10 March 2015

REVIEW: Stratum C Complete 4 Total Hand Care Cream – All You Need in the One Tube!

I feel sorry for hands. They work hard on our behalf, performing one physical task after another. For what reward? The occasional slick of hand cream?

I think many of us would admit to neglecting our hands when it comes to skincare. They’re the appendages at the end of our arms. We don’t study them much, except for when painting our nails. Perhaps then we might think to squirt a bit of nourishing cream into our palms.

We do so much to protect our faces, perhaps not thinking that our hands face the same sort of challenges. Let’s look at sun exposure, the biggest cause of premature ageing.

In Summer (when the sun is at its strongest) as well as high factor sunscreen, we can wear a wide-brimmed hat to fully protect our faces. There’s no equivalent of the sun hat for hands – as far as I know?  And I despair at the lack of hand creams containing UV sunscreen. Brands seem only too willing to add it to face moisturisers, so why not hand cream? 

Consequently, it’s often our hands rather than our faces that give away our true age, be it wrinkly skin or brown patches of pigmentation.

One brand which knows a thing or two about caring for more mature skin is Forme Laboratories, whose Stratum C line is formulated specifically for Menopausal skin (Protect Cream review). Though, you don’t have to be menopausal to use it – this line is an investment for the future, protecting our skin now will pay off later!

The brand recently added a hand cream to its range, and I’ve been putting it to the test over the past few weeks. 

Stratum C Complete 4  Total Hand Care Cream

The name pretty much sums up what this product is all about  – a single formula containing everything you need to protect mature hands. The packaging is clean, well laid out and tells you exactly what those needs are:

-    Anti-ageing Peptides
-    UV Blocking SPF
-    Nail strengthening
-    Age Spot Removal

That’s it. Anti-ageing covered! I’ll very briefly expand on those four elements. According to Forme Labs, the peptides are clinically proven to boost collagen (key to making skin look more youthful), and the sun protection is non-toxic,  FDA-approved and blocks 88% of UV rays. Keratin amino acids strengthen nails and soften cuticles, while a naturally occurring amino acid derivate called Tego Cosmo helps to brighten and fade sun spots.

This is a beautifully rich cream. It’s non greasy and melts into the skin (and nails) within seconds. It’s got a light neutral fragrance.  My hands are very dry, especially at this time of year, and this does a superb job of rehydrating them. But the biggest win of all is the anti-ageing side of things. Not many hand creams offer it, and even fewer tick them off so completely.

Stratum C Complete 4 Hand Care Cream costs £22 for 75ml and is available to buy now.

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  1. Does it say anywhere what the SPF is? x

    1. 88% works out at SPF 8. That's considered a good rate for everyday as it provides sun protection (most hand creams don't) while at the same time allowing Vitamin D in to the body. There's a lot of misconception about SPF ratings. This FT article is an informative read on the subject http://on.ft.com/1EQ7zOC. Tx

  2. I am obsessed with hand creams, but find it hard to move from my faves - Eight Hour and L'Occitaine shea butter. Just a FYI - Savers are currently selling some Eight Hour Cream hand creams for £2.99.


  3. I appreciate posts about skincare products for those of us who are a little older. And SPF is my life, lol. Sounds perfect!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. You are so right, people always neglect their hands... and this cream with UV blocking SPF, spot minimizer, anti-aging action... I think it's just glorious! I will be honest, I normally don't use hand creams... but willing to - better to prevent while it's time! I would love to try this one! Such a good review and recommendation!

  5. I agree that people tend to neglect their hands (and neck!) even though those are where the first signs of aging would show up on. Thankfully, my mom never let me neglect them while growing up, lol. She always stressed the importance of how a lady was supposed to have beautiful hands and neck.

  6. I own way too many handcreams already but this does sound lovely. People always neglect their hands, I used to actually but it seems to be what people always buy me! x

  7. This sounds perfect for me! I'm a woman of a certain age and always interested in getting that "edge." xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  8. This is perfect! I recently started using my facial anti aging products as well on my hands- what I still forget is my decollate- I think most women look older on their hands and decollate then on their face and I thought I might change that on me lol. Time will only see what happens. Kisses my sweet and smart Tracey! xoxo, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  9. My hands are super dry too, especially in winter. It's awful, sometimes they even crack and bleed! I know this brand, but I have never tried any of their products, so I can't comment about their efficacy. It is great that they included SPF into a hand cream. It's so true that we neglect hands most of the time, I certainly do!
    Sorry for scaring you with my tweets. I just got caught out by surprise. I didn't expect any apps to post for me. Luckily, at least I know what did it! :)


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