Friday, 15 May 2015

Follow-Up Visia Skin Analysis - and an Environ Facial with ‘WOW’ Factor

One of the big challenges with skincare is measuring efficacy. How do we know that this latest peptide-tastic wrinkle-busting skin-tightening serum we shelled out £100 for, and that did so well in brand clinical trials, has actually done the trick for us?

Well, there’s anecdotal evidence (not the most reliable); there’s ‘before and after’ selfie pic evidence (more reliable); and then there’s Visia evidence (a professional analysis of our skin done using highly sophisticated computerised equipment).

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I underwent my first Visia analysis back in November. Yes, I am a little late with the follow-up (it was originally scheduled for February) but I did have my second Visia Complexion Skin Analysis done earlier this week and the findings were - revealing!

The Visia scans I have done (typically every three months) are completely free and performed by the International Institute for Anti-Ageing. The iiAA offers them at various partner salons up and down the country – to find your nearest one check out their website here.

Visia Complexion Skin Analysis
I won’t go in to detail about my particular results, as I’m sure they wouldn’t interest you (results are individual), but it may be useful to know a few changes in my skin that the Visia picked up between scans, to give an idea of the types of things to expect. 

So *she says beaming with pride* hydration levels, firmness, wrinkle depth and texture have all improved “notably”. There’s been some improvement in pore size, though those around my nose - the bane of my life since puberty – are about the same *expresses sad face*. Pigmentation also remains a challenge – I’ve had an ongoing battle with melasma the past couple of years.

The biggest area of improvement has been around the eyes, which is the first place to show signs of ageing, so I couldn’t be more chuffed. The iiAA reps take you through the findings, with the aid of digital and UV pictures. It is a bit weird seeing your face with odd dots and lines all over it, but it’s fascinating to see such depth of analysis. 

They say a picture never lies (camera fresh, of course), so it’s reassuring (or alarming, I guess, depending on results) knowing that what you are seeing is the REAL DEAL, not something you imagined!  Plus, and this is key I think, it shows whether any new skincare or changes in routine/lifestyle that you have undertaken recently have actually made a difference!

Since my first scan I have been using daily Environ’s AVST 1, the starter product in its step-up system. This line of serums/moisturisers contain a potent blend of antioxidants and vitamins (including the anti-ageing superstar vitamin A) - I want to eventually migrate up to the highest over-the-counter grade vitamin A (Retinol). I have now stepped up to AVST2.

I have also started regularly using eye serums  (including Environ’s C-Quence Eye Gel), in addition to an eye cream. Plus, I recently began testing a brand new (and very exciting) sculpting and lifting serum (review coming up shortly). 

After my skin analysis, Francesca Pozzuto, the iiAA’s business development consultant who performed it, gave me the most incredible mini facial – again free! The Environ Active Vitamin Treatment left me quite speechless.

It combines the Environ Alginate Mask (a deeply cooling and soothing mask which at first feels like having refrigerated jelly applied to your face) combined with soundwaves and small electrical pulses to aid deep penetration of the active ingredients (Vitamins  A and C plus antioxidants). The mask sets to form a rubberised mould on the skin and is lifted off when set and the treatment completed.

I have NEVER had a facial quite like this one. When the mask was peeled off, it felt as if all the impurities were being lifted out of my skin. Incredible! My complexion was left radiant and extremely hydrated - not something I’m used to!  The next day my skin remained plumped, nourished and soft.

As a guide, the Beauty Boutique in Frant, Kent, where I go for my Environ products and facials, charges £45 for the 50 minute treatment. If you live nearby, I highly recommend it – the salon owner Emma is lovely and she really knows her stuff!

More on Environ here.


  1. Sounds like a great idea, I haven't had a professional facial yet but I would like to in the future :)

    1. Ah, once you start there's no turning back. They're the ultimate treat! Tx

  2. I love having facials but this facial sounds amazing, might have to try it out next time I'm in Kent x

    1. It's rare that I sit up after a facial and splurt out 'WOW', to the therapist, as is what happened here, lol! Tx

  3. Even not living around (in England, at the Midlands) I would go there and am planning to, because what you state here is fabulous! That mask sounds excellent and you said the scan showed that your skin improved and more, the price sounds good, too. I am in love with the idea of having it too! I love when you recommend these good things! Hope you have a very nice weekend, well, after this result I am sure you will!

  4. Yes Tracey darling, I remember the first time you did this. I am so intrigued but guessing it is quite pricey. Since I do not live in a big city or anything close to that my guess is also that we don´t even have anything like that around lol. Although we have a full street of plastic surgeons for all the tourists that want to combine a vacation and get prettier. ;-) I have never done any professional facial or such but I guess when I turn soon cough- you know "almost the next big 0" I might have to look into a little bit more professional help. I am so sorry for not coming around lately. You are always in my thoughts Tracey! It´s just real busy in my life at the moment and I am not commenting much on blogs but I just had to come and say Hi to one of my best blogger friends. Kisses sweetheart, xoxo, Sissi

  5. Wow! What a fab experience! Yes, the eyes are an area where I seem to need the most assist; so, this sounds like it's something I could benefit from. Hugs on your day. T.


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