Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to Conceal a Big Red Pimple – Tutorial and Personal Anecdote!

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. That was the well-known adage running through my mind last week as I was battling a nasty skin issue – an outbreak of zits on my face.

I don’t suffer much with spots as a rule, but when I do, boy do I suffer. They usually pop up big and angry and I simply can’t help but zoom in on them whenever I catch my reflection in a mirror. Last week was one of those occasions.

I first got a small red spot on my forehead, then a slighter bigger one on my chin, and finally a really big bugger erupted just on the base of my orbital bone. Why oh why sprout just there? - in my eyes (sorry) that’s the worst of places as the skin is so thin!

This particular spot decided it would take its time coming to a head, and so I decided I’d help it along a bit by squeezing. Yes! I know! We are all very aware that this is the ONE thing NOT to do, but when presented with temptation…

Needless to say said spot doubled in size and the surrounding skin swelled! I found myself staring at my reflection every time I walked past a mirror and filling my head with thoughts of nothing but Mr spot (do spots have gender?). I'd better just mention that the pic above was taken some days after the zit displayed in its full glory.

Then, the idea came to me that I could turn this negative into a positive by writing a post on how to conceal big red pimples, complete with ‘real’ pictures! Oddly, that decision seemed to calm me - not sure why I thought writing about my zit and displaying it on my blog would somehow help!


The Tools You Need

A few bits of equipment is all you need to conceal a big red pimple: a green concealer, a concealer that matches your skin tone, a few cotton buds and a setting powder with brush (all show in main pic).


Step 1 - Green Concealer

Using a clean cotton bud (you don’t want to spread any infection), dab the spot with green concealer. This will help to neutralise any redness.

Step 2 - Skin Tone Concealer

Using a clean brush or another cotton bud apply a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly to the pimple to camouflage it (using one that is too dark or too light will actually draw attention to the thing you’re trying to hide).

Step 3- Setting Powder

Finish by carefully dabbing a setting powder over the top. This will help to seal the concealer and prevent it slipping off.

Ta-da! Finito! Job done!


  1. WOW wheres it gone?! Great tips, thanks I have never seen green concealer.

  2. Wow! That's quite amazing, I'll definitely be using this top next time I get a breakout.

  3. I love green concealers they always do the trick!

  4. I loved this post and the pictures! No matter you had the spot, you look so beautiful, really! I loved the fringe as well, but I am biased :) Anyway, I know what you mean... such a coincidence, I never have spots, maybe once a year and this year it decided to show up last week, on the chin :) Now it's fine, so I totally understand you - it seems mirrors make it all worse :) But it was a great tutorial and I normally just used the skin color concealer an powder, but after your tutorial I will start using the green concealer before! Thank you for that!

    1. Ahh, thank you Denise for your lovely comments - again! Yes, give the green concealer a try. Brilliant if your spots turn very red, like this one of mine (thankfully it's almost gone now!). Tx

  5. woow that is really clever, you are so good with makeup :) xx

  6. Great job! I shall show my daughter this later. I still get spots too and I can never resist squeezing them...even though I tell my daughter it's the wrong thing to do ;)

    1. Resisting the urge not to squeeze is so hard. Spots can really lower your confidence :(. Tx

  7. Wow! It literally vanished! Thank you for your hot tips xx

  8. Great tutorial! I'd never heard of a green concealer until now. You look lovely! T.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi, fab post, and I do believe less is more and to use one or two good products. Personally I wouldn't add powder as it can make it look look crusty later in the day.
    Heidi x


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