Tuesday, 16 June 2015

May’s Empties – And Favourites!

I hope you’re sitting tight, for this is a BIG one! May’s empties number a record 29 full and sample sized products!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am getting through so many beauty products each month because of my new gym training regime! I re-apply all my skincare and makeup after every workout, and I’ve recently upped my sessions from three to four days/week. Combine that with my regular day and night routines, and that’s a lot of face and body prepping going on each week!


Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I rarely throw a product away before I finish it, but this was one of occasion where I did. I had my doubts about this mask when I first reviewed it. The sticky residue it leaves on my face has just become too irritating. Review.

Nourish Argan Skin Renew With Frankincense And Rose Of Jericho*. One of my fave moisturisers. Rich and creamy, so perfect too as a night cream. Review.

Nuxe Miracle Mask. Blimey, I’ve had this exfoliating mask (it contains natural AHAs and rice beads) for yonks. It’s remained active though, right to the end. £19 for 75ml (offer price) at Space NK here.

Glycolix Elite Sunscreen 30SPF. A belts and braces sunscreen recommended by my derm – I suffer from melasma (a hormonal imbalance).  This is extremely thick and looks VERY white on the face but it does the job! Imported from the US.

Salvere Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E & Ferulic Acid. A superb dupe of the  Skinceuticals formula. It costs £14.47 for 30ml on Amazon, as against £90 for its much lauded rival.

SkinPep Ultra Retinol 0.5% Pure Retinol*. Using retinol is an anti-ageing essential once you reach 30 (it boosts cell turnover). Not overly keen on the smell. More on SkinPep here.

Skinpep Hydra-Sun Defence SPF 30*. A very good mineral sunscreen that’s not as thick or chalky as the Elite. Still requires a lot of blending though.

SkinPep Hydra Boost*. Pure hyaluronic acid serum. A previous tube featured in last month’s empties too here.

Skinpep Super C-15. A stabilised vitamin C serum*. I found this absorbed before I had time to properly spread it across my face.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. I really didn’t like this well-loved classic when I first tried it. But it’s grown on me. I have the hydrating version at the gym, which suits my dry skin better. £29 for 50ml at Space NK here http://uk.spacenk.com/foundation-primer/MUK113930009.html.

Tesco Pro Formula Q10 Anti-Age Cleansing Wipes (gym empty). Bought in an emergency. I wouldn’t recommend!

Radical Skincare Eye Revive Crème. My first Radical product. Features a light yet nourishing texture. Impressed.  Pricey though - £80 for 15ml here.

REN V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream. Gifted to me by Sandra at Beauty Balm. Surprisingly nourishing. Review.


Phyto Paris Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray. I got this as part of a Space NK ‘gift with purchase’. Impressed with Phyto. This made my hair feel soft and nourished. £18.50 for 150ml here.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miracle Recovery Crème Serum. Love this! Review.

L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Volumising Conditioner. I’ve yet to find a L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner I don’t like! £17 for 250ml here.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Pretty & Opulent Oriental. Lovely fragrance and still the best dry shampoo for the money. £2.99 for 200ml here.


By Terry Touche-Expert Advanced concealer. I thought this couldn’t be beaten. But I’ve just discovered something better – the latest By Terry Densillis concealer (costs an additional £12 but you get 4.5ml more). The Touche-Expert is £32 for 2.5ml here.


Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion. Does the job but nothing special. £26 for 400ml here.

Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan. A daily use product from my favourite self-tanning brand. Gorgeous. £24.99 for 236ml here.

Champneys Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil. ‘Ey up’! You know Summer’s coming – second month in a row that I’ve used up a bottle of this! Review.  

Vita Liberata Gradual Build Self Tan. I promise I’m not OD’ing on self-tanning products! I tend to have several on the go at once, and they’re all running empty simultaneously! This, though, is not a patch on the two aforementioned.   £15 for 200ml here.

Kiehl’s Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit Body Cleanser. My husband kids bought me this as a Mother’s Day gift some time back. With its zesty citrus fragrance it’s a perfect post-workout body washer – I kept mine in my gym locker. £17.50 for 250ml here.

Dr Organic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Breast Firming Cream. Featured in a previous empties – it’s a staple of mine. Love it!  £15.99 for 100ml here.

Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash. Another wake-me-up fragrance, so again a perfect post-workout body washer. £18 for 300ml here.

Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile. Ooh, now we’re talking. Sumptuous. One of my all-time fave fragrances. Another staple. £72 for 50ml here.

L’Occitane Delightful Rose Hand Cream. It’s rose, so need I say more? Gorgeous scent, creamy texture and super hydrating. Review.

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength. I could rave about these miniature AA bath and shower oils all day long! But rather than bore you with my extolling, here’s a pithy review.


Nourish - Argan Skin Renew With Frankincense And Rose Of Jericho
Glycolix - Elite Sunscreen 30SPF
Salvere - Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E & Ferulic Acid
John Frieda - Frizz Ease Miracle Recovery Crème Serum
L’Occitane - 5 Essential Oils Volumising Conditioner
Batiste - Dry Shampoo, Pretty & Opulent Oriental
Xen-Tan - Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan
Champneys - Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil
Dr Organics - Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Breast Firming Cream
Acqua Di Parma - Magnolia Nobile
L’Occitane - Delightful Rose Hand Cream
Aromatherapy Associates - Inner Strength

*PR Sample


  1. Wow, what a load of empties, I wish I kept mine, I always bin them straight away. I've used most of these products too

    1. I used to bin mine too but found keeping them has been quite revealing ;), Tx

  2. Wow! You really do get through the products, your bathroom must be like a branch of Space NK!


    1. Haha, yes you're right! Not sure that's a good thing though, but I'm expecting next month to be quieter on the empties front! Tx

  3. I love your empties' column! I learn so much and get to know new products! And 3 to 4 times exercising, wow! I had to set a routine of some walking, but exercising is a bit far from me... still... though I am planning to change it, I need to! I must say I lost 4 kg this year and I am glad about it :) Well, the products! If I had known about Salvere vitamin serum before I bought Skinceuticals... well, it's always time! Nuxe Mask would be nice, I like Nuxe products and Laura Mercier Primer I would love to try too, since you liked it later! Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask seemed to be good, I like the brand, but you said it's not good, so I am ditching it :) John Frieda Frizz Ease Miracle Recovery Crème Serum is something I need, me and my frizzy hair! By Terry Touche-Expert Advanced concealer would be nice ti try, I like the YSL Touche Eclat concealer (the one I wear), and would love to find a similar product - this "Terry one" seems to be the one! Finally, Aromatherapy Associates - Inner Strength, boy, do I need inner strength, it's a daily task :) You know, to deal with so many things - I would love to try that! Loved your post, hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you Denise! All the Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils are exquisite. Do give them a try. Tx

  4. You got through loads! Must try the Dr O Breast Firming Cream next time they have an offer on! I'm loving their Argan Shampoo (thanks for the recommendation) x

    1. I did this month. Oh dear! The breast cream is my favourite of those I've tried. Quite reasonably priced too. Ah, so pleased you tried the argan shampoo. It is lovely. Tx


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