Saturday, 6 June 2015

Nourish, Alteya Organics, REN… A Gifted Bundle of Treasured Natural Beauty Products

The friendship and support of fellow bloggers is undoubtedly one of the most heart-warming sides to blogging, and was something that came into sharp focus for me a few weeks back.

I read a review of the Alteya Organics’ Certified Organic Hair Treatment Bulgarian Rose on Sandra’s Beauty Balm blog here. The product sounded exquisite and I said so in a comment.

Then Sandra kindly offered to send me a sample so I could try it for myself. But she didn’t just send me a sample, she sent me a whole blinking box of samples of some of her most treasured natural beauty products (main pic)!! 

I’ve spent the past few weeks exploring these during bath and shower times, and as part of my evening skincare rituals. All the products were new to me (green beauty is a growing passion of mine), and a few of the brands too.  A massive thank you Sandra!

Alteya Organics’ Certified Organic Hair Treatment Bulgarian Rose

I have to start with this. Ooh, goodness, the fragrance alone is enough to win me over. It truly IS exquisite – it has an intense rose fragrance that I adore. Even several washes after I’ve used this as a pre-shampoo treatment my hair still feels incredibly soft, thickened and bouncy.  This is a must buy for me from now on! Find products here.

Nourish Treatment Argan Skin Rescue

Like Balance Me, the Nourish brand is one of my blog discovery gems. I hadn’t tried this particular Nourish product before but it’s a glorious anti-ageing formula. You need only use the tiniest amount to give skin a quick pep-up. Apply on slightly damp skin for increased suppleness. £21 for 15ml - find the product here.

REN V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream

I’m very particular about my moisturisers. They need to be superbly rich and hydrating – I have dry and dehydrated skin most of the time. This REN one does not have an especially thick texture but it is really quite hydrating. £28 for 50ml, you can buy the product here.

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

I was so impressed with this conditioning treatment that I tweeted about it after I used it. You leave it on for just 2-4 minutes but in that short time it seems to conjure up some kind of magic, for it smoothed out all my split ends (hair since trimmed, so I no longer have them, thankfully). Perfect if you’re running short of time and hair needs extra TLC. £28 for 118ml here.

John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

This is the one sample I have still to try. It’s in my gym bag, ready to use tomorrow as I shower after pumping iron for an hour in the weights room - sweaty scalp and hair at the ready. Yuck! Sorry! £22 for 207ml here.

Pure Thoughts Honey & Oats Soap

With honey, oats and a splash of sweet orange, this smells good enough to eat. Also formulated with olive and coconut oils, it helps hands to retain moisture and also slightly exfoliates. My sample slice is taking pride of place in the soap dish in our shower room.£3.95 for 120g here.

Dr Bronner’s Magic All-One! – 18-in-1 Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

Made with organic oils, this lathers up beautifully and, being oil-based, loads the skin with hydration. The wake-me-up peppermint fragrance here did precisely that - it’s a perfect companion for an invigorating morning shower. £1.99 for 59ml here.



  1. What a lovely collection of products. I'm familiar with REN and John Masters but the others are new to me. I'm becoming more convinced about the importance of using green products as I get older. You just don't know what chemicals you are putting on to your skin, do you?

    1. I agree with you about green products. They are beginning to make up a bigger portion of my beauty collection. Tx

  2. Thank you for the lovely post! I must look into some of these products as I haven't heard of them!

  3. Such a sweet friend, sending you all these amazing things! I am eager to try the Intense avocado conditioner and also, the John Masters Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor, cause my hair tends to be dry! I am also in love with Pure Thoughts Honey and Oats soap, because you said it retains moist and also, exfoliates, and these two things are something I really love! So good products, what for a nice friend, so sweet sending you amazing things!

    1. I know it was such a sweet and king gesture. Tx

  4. So glad you like! Really happy to send them to you xx

    1. Thank you Sandra. I shall shortly be sending yours. Tx

  5. What wonderful products and such a great gift to receive! :) That organic hair treatment looks amazing! T.


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