Saturday, 29 August 2015

NEW: Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Balance Me, NIP+FAB

It’s been yonks since I last did a post on my pick of the week’s new beauty launches. I always find these features fun to write (and an interesting read hopefully too!). But I’m back on the case and plan to start running these regularly again. I'll include any current brand website offers too.

So, here’s what caught my eye this week:

Clinique Limited Edition Cheek Pop In Pink With A Purpose (£17.50), and 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer (£27.50), Sept/Oct

Blimey, such succinct names! I love a pop of colour on my cheeks (unlike on my eyes – more on that in a min), so this new Clinique blush in vibrant berry is right up my alley. While a mouthful to say, I am rather fond of the cheeky name – ‘with a purpose’ indeed! Available nationwide from October - £2 of sale price goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Clinique’s 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer arrives in a powder form next month. The creamy formula contains a moisture locking blend of glycerin, phytosqualane and murumuru butter.  Like the liquid version, it comes with a double sided tear drop shaped applicator – the sponge side for light coverage and the fuzzy, flocked side (it picks up more product) for fuller application. Available in 10 shades it drops on counter 4 September. More on Clinique here - free Summer skin treats with £40 spend at time of post!.

Bobbi Brown – Greige Collection (from £12.50), Sept

I’m terribly conservative when it comes to eyeshadow colour. Jade green is about as vibrant I go! It’s not an ‘age’ thing; it’s definitely a ‘me’ thing! Show me taupes, greys and smokey eyes and I’m all over them. But a palette of bright purples, pinks, greens and yellows? Sorry! Not for me.

So I rather like the look of this collection of neutrals Bobbi Brown unveiled this week. Too tame for you? Or are you with me? It contains eight neutral, grey and beige shadows including three new shades (Greystone, Earth Metal Sparkle, and Greige), it's available from September priced £52. Eye liners, liner brush, shadow sticks, nail polishes and lip colours complete the collection. More on Bobbi Brown here - free travel skincare trio on orders over £50.

Balance Me – Limited Edition Hero Collection (from £14.50), Sept

I got a sneak peek of these limited editions back in May at the launch of the Collagen Boost Collection, Balance Me’s most potent skincare range to date, featured here.

Balance Me is celebrating its 10th anniversary (goodness!) and to help mark the occasion it has created beautiful limited edition packaging for two hero products, Radiance Face Oil (£30) and Super Moisturising Hand Cream (£14.50). Both are firm favourites of mine and these new versions, featuring a gorgeous gold foil firework design, would make super presents. More on Balance Me here - 'Flash Sale' up to 30% off, at time of post!


NIP+FAB – The Kale Collection (from £12.95), Oct

Kale has been a bit of a thing in skincare for a couple of years. I recently tried a couple of Kale products by Nourish – reviews here. Kale contains Vitamins C and A, plus copper among other things – so anti-inflammatory, UV/free radical protection, healthy cell growth etc. All in all, a nutritional powerhouse (albeit in topical form in skincare).

Rodial’s cheaper off-shoot NIP+FAB this week announced new skincare featuring Kale. The line-up includes a mask (£12.95), a moisturiser (£19.95) and make-up remover pads (£12.95). Available in Superdrug from October. More on NIP+FAB here - free skin radiance kit on spends over £35.  



  1. Oh my god, shut up, there is actually Kale skincare?! I want it! I love putting Kale in my NutriBullet juices ^_^ Although I could probably blast Kale down with something to make a homemade mask :S

    Jon. x |

    1. A homemade kale mask - what a great idea! :) Tx

  2. I do like that Bobbi Brown palette. I'm not a fan of Clinique though. Their anti blemish stuff literally made my skin burn and smelt like nail polish remover. I went back to their counter and they told me if it hurts it works. I found out on other counters that they use clarifying lotion to clean the counter. If it makes a good counter cleaner, it makes you wonder what good it does to your skin x

    1. I find Clinique's clarifying lotion too strong. It's too stripping for my skin. Tx

  3. That Bobbi Brown palette looks amazing! I love smoky shades.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  4. Kale in skincare? I thought you were only supposed to eat it...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Eat it, drink it and spread it on your face. Absolutely :) Tx

  5. I love Balance Me. Scary that they are 10 already x

  6. I loved the finds, but I am really eager to try the Clinique product, with that succinct name :) 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer, that's the one I want! I like Clinique very much, because it's good for sensitive skins and the products always delivers what it promises - at least for me :) I like concealers and testing new foundations! Also Rodial and kale products? Wow! I want to try the mask! I have never seen products with kale - I only eat it, and it's delicious and nutritious, so I think the mask must be excellent!

    1. Thanks Denise, as ever. I do fancy giving that Kale mask a try, I have to say. Tx


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