Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Spa Day with Mum at Champneys Springs

A stroll down memory lane would be a fitting alternative title for this post.

Just before jetting off to Spain for my annual Summer holiday, I treated my mum to a spa day at Champneys Springs in Leicestershire, close to my ancestral home – I’m not that grand, so basically close to where I grew up and where my parents still live.

My mum has just reached a milestone birthday and to help celebrate I wanted to buy her a present that I knew she would not only really like, but also find nostalgic. So a day at Springs it was.

Mum: Enjoing a Springs Latte
Not long after I moved South to live in London (for Uni, then work), my mum and I made a pledge that once a year we’d spend a day together at Springs Hydro (as it was called then, before becoming part of the Champneys group). We’ve always been close and share many interests, one of which is spoiling ourselves!

But when my first born came along 14 years ago (yikes!), the annual Springs trip sadly fell by the wayside. I think I've managed to go once in that time! So to go back again a few weeks ago was indeed nostalgic for us both.

Aside from the new name, little looked to have changed as we approached Springs down its grand entrance - a long driveway set amongst stunning countryside. But once inside, the Champneys touch was clear to see.

A major refurbishment has included a larger swimming pool (25metres), a bigger and much improved gym, more fitness classes, tonnes more treatment rooms and a thalassotherapy pool (main pic), a signature Champneys feature.

A less welcome change has been the price! Back in the day we used to enjoy a Top-to-Toe Day for £90 (or thereabouts). It comprised a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure (all minis), full use of the facilities, welcome refreshments and a three course hot and cold buffet (a particular highlight). It was excellent value for money even then! The equivalent package today is an eye watering £219 – and that’s the starting price!

But there are more affordable options still available. They include the Spa Evenings (£49 Tues and Thrs), and the Essentials package (£59 Mon-Thurs) which is what we booked and is pretty much the Top-to-Toe but without the treatments, which you can book separately anyway and make the day totally tailor-made.

We both upgraded our package to include a ‘Head in the Clouds’ scalp massage (highly recommend). I did a bit in the gym (I ran out of time for a full workout), made a bee-line for the foam roller studio session (use one before and after every workout – I am still paying the price for failing years ago to warm up my muscles and stretch them off again properly).

The food was as much a highlight as it was all those years ago - how on earth that delicious fruit fool was just 120 calories I’ll never know! And we finished off the day in the perfect way with a session in the thalassotherapy pool, which is mineral-rich and has hydrotherapy jets to tone and stimulate muscles.

As we drove home my mum and I made a pledge that we must start going back again every year – nothing beats a bit of nostalgia! 


  1. Wow I would love to have a Spa Day with my mum. It's been ages. Looks like you guys had fun.

    1. It's so lovely to do something like this with just your mum :) Tx

  2. It sounds like a fabulous place and a lovely day, I haven't done a spa day for ages...


  3. You should try to go once a year there with your mum, or even look for different spas to try something new and therefore exciting, every year, together! Well, don't touch the "team" if it's working, so the saying; if this spa is really good as you said, maybe just go to this one! My word, from 90 to 219!!! Anyway, it seems nice, that you head a ice scalp massage and that delicious looking fruit "dish" with 120 calories, wow! I think your mum looks great and you absolutely too, who could say you have a son that is 14? I think that nostalgic moments are important, to make us think of who we were and who we turned to be and the traits we kept or improved. And com'on, going with your mum is so much better, I think, to share precious moments! You really look incredible and I loved the pictures! What for a perfect figure! And beautiful face! Congrats and keep the good work, of course! XXX

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time. Many moons ago I went to Stobo with a pal and had manicure, pedicure, facial and massage for a ridiculously low price, double or triple it these days! Pampering is always good for the soul! x

  5. This place looks absolutely beautiful, I love Champney's products but I've never been to one of their spas, I think scalp massages are one of my favourite things to have at any spa so great choice there!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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