Sunday, 13 September 2015

August Empties - And Favourites

I’m scoring two firsts with my August empties – it’s my smallest pile of ‘used-ups’ to date, and every single product has made it into my favourites hall of fame!

August empties number just six! That’s tiny by some measure against previous months. But then, I did spend most of August in Spain and I decided to throw out whatever I finished while I was there, rather than fly them back in my suitcase - imagine the looks from airport security if I’d done that!

All but one of my haul is a skincare product. So let’s go…


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser. A birthday present from my husband – OK I did drop him a barrage of unsubtle hints that I rather liked this cleanser in the run-up to said event. It contains chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot. It’s utterly creamy, aromatically joyous and gently removes daily grime and make-up. £34 for 120ml here.

Weleda Skin Food. This has a massive cult following. It’s mega rich - so much so that it’s best to pat it on the face to avoid dragging across the skin. Ideal for deeply nourishing body bits too – it only costs £7.95 for 75ml so no need to apply sparingly! Buy it here.

Hylamide SubQ Eyes. My current favourite eye serum, period! Reviewed here. £23 for 15ml (recent price drop!) here.

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer. Firstly, apologies for the dog-eared appearance of the bottle - it’s been much loved! The golden particles in this reflect light to give skin a healthy shimmery glow. There’s skincare here too including aloe and hyaluronic acid. £16 for 30ml here.

Avene Thermal Spring Water. When do I ever run out of this? Never! I’m constantly repurchasing. I’ve got bottles of it everywhere - in the bathroom, bedroom, at the gym (in my locker)… It does a grand job of rehydrating dry skin, and cools my face down quickly after a gym workout. Reviewed here. £10 for 300ml here.


Batiste Dry Shampoo. I feel as if I’m constantly banging on about how much I love this dry shampoo. While it may not be the best formulaically (it can leave a white residue if you spray it too close to your roots), it does the business, there’s a scent for every taste, and it’s cheap to buy – I get through bottles of the stuff. This dinky sized can is perfect for travel. Reviewed here. £1.50 for 50ml here.


All of the Above!


  1. I've only tried Avene from this stash, and Aurelia sounds absolutely delightful. Not very keen on dry shampoos personally.

    1. The Aurelia really is one of the most sumptious cleansers I've ever used. Tx

  2. I have never tried anything like theses before, thanks for sharing will give it a try x

  3. I absolutely love Aurelia Miracle Cleanser & reviewed two other Aurelia products on my blog last week. I need to try Weleda Skin Food! xx


  4. I get through at least one bottle of batiste a month too it's literally a life saver

  5. Absolutely love the cleanser and golden glow too! haha re airport security! x

  6. I want the Golden Glow Shimmer, the Weleda Skin Food and I love the Avene Eau Thermale! I like to see that you really buy and use the products, to the point that you empty them! I am hopeless - I have very few empties and some of the products I have I have t throw away after some time, when some smell in a strange way - the moment you know they are not good anymore and think "why did I buy it? Why didn't I use it?" Well, living is learning :) I really want the Golden Shimmer - everything that reflects light is a must-have for me! Hope you have a nice week, dear Tracey! XXX

  7. Love Weleda 's skin food. The Aurelia cleanser is on the wish list x


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