Sunday, 6 September 2015

Naturisimo Launches Haircare Heroes Discovery Box – Post-Summer Hair Rehab!

Summer can be a trial for our hair. The sun can fade its colour, dry it out and leave it looking far from its healthy and glossy best.

If your Summer was sun soaked (no staycation for you then, unless you were lucky with when and where you went!), it’s time to undo the damage and give your locks a bit of TLC in preparation for the Season ahead (goodness, Autumn looms already!).

Natural and organic online beauty retailer Naturisimo today launches its latest discovery box and it’s a perfect starting point for hair in need of some extra love. Haircare Heroes is a collection of seven organic haircare minis and samples. It includes a cleanser (yes for hair), a shampoo, a couple of conditioners, a mask, as well as a styling cream and finishing treatment from brands including Tabitha James Kraan, Swell and Rahua.

I look forward immensely to these monthly Naturisimo boxes. They’re a great way to sample natural and organic beauty favourites for a relative small price – they usually cost around a tenner. You can find reviews of previous boxes here, here, here, and here.

I’ve tried all seven products in the box (with the help of my son!). Here’s the low down:

Tabitha James Kraan, Organic Hair Cleanser Golden Citrus (60ml)

Think cleanser (as in facial), rather than shampoo. Apply 5-15 pumps (I did 10 on my long hair) to roots and scalp only – I worked in to the length a little as I rinsed. This cleans and soothes exceptionally well with very little lather. It has a lovely delicate citrus fragrance too.

Tabitha James Kraan, Organic 4-in-1 Conditioner Golden Citrus (60ml)

A 4-in-1 which you can use as a conventional conditioner, as a leave-in, as a scalp moisturiser, and as a styling product. Fragrance as above. I applied 10 pumps and left it on for two minutes before rinsing. I then added a little to my damp hair before drying.

I used the two Tabitha James Kraan products together. Just one application gave my hair lots of extra bounce and volume – I’m guessing partly because it was thoroughly clean! But I did need to use a little oil after styling to address some remaining dryness.

Swell Ultimate Volume Masque (50ml)

This comes with precise usage instructions. Apply between 5ml-20ml depending on hair length, and the treatment duration varies accordingly (between 2 and 10 minutes). With my long hair I used 15ml and left on for 13 minutes (for coloured/damaged hair you can add an extra 1-3 minutes).

This did wonders for the dryness of my hair. The crispy ends are now gone - my hair is soft, shiny and healthy looking. I like this mask – a lot!

Rahua Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Treatment (2x12ml and 2x5ml sachets)

I used the shampoo, conditioner and finishing treatment consecutively. I could have done with more shampoo – 12ml doesn’t go far on a double wash when your hair is long. But it’s enough to give you a sense of the richness of the Rahua product range. I've used the Finishing Treatment and it is a particular favourite of mine. It’s fab at controlling frizz but use only the tiniest amount – it’s so rich that even only slightly overdoing the application can make hair look and feel greasy.

Rahua Cream Wax (5ml)

I don’t use wax but my son does, so I got him to test and model for this one. He applied a little wax to the palms of his hands, massaged them together to spread the cream, and then finger styled his fringe.

This is more of a cream than a wax and the hold is natural and soft, so best suited to those with easily manageable hair. My son’s hair, however, has a life of its own and needs a wax with a strong hold to keep it in place all day. I loved the healthy shine this gave his hair though.

The Natursimo Haircare Heroes Discovery Box costs £9.95 (worth £45) and is available now while stocks last here.

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  1. Think it looks better using the wax, nice shine to it to x

    1. My son will be very pleased with your comment, thank you :). I agree, the wax does make his hair look more glossy and healthy. Tx

  2. I love to know about new products! My hair needs a good treatment soon. Thanks for sharing,x

    1. No worries. Thank you for dropping by and reading, Franca. Tx

  3. Replies
    1. Another super box from Naturisimo. They do keep on coming :) Tx

  4. I adore the TJK 4-in-1 conditioner. Such a great box!

  5. Hmm nice! Thanks for sharing!
    Wanna follow each other?
    New post about Turkey is up:

  6. Naturismo seems to be excellent, dear Tracey! In fact, for me I need a Heroes line every week :), not only during summer :) I have dry hair, and lately I am not even using cream - I rebelled, because when applying the cream it takes so long to dry, but I know that I need a cream and certainly a mask, from time to time - I told you, I should use a mask every week! So I loved the products! The cleanser I kind of knew - not from Naturisimo, but what I saw was pre-shampoo, but I think it must be the same. I don't use wax either, but the example you gave with your son seems to be really good! I hope you have a very nice week, dear Tracey!

  7. Wow the wax totally transformed his hair! All the products look Nice to me. xx


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