Tuesday, 22 September 2015

NEW LAUNCH: Magnifibres Treatment Primer – Giving Lashes Some TLC

My eyelashes do get some stick. I clamp them into a pair of curlers, and coat them with two layers of mascara and one of mascara fix daily. Sometimes twice if I’ve been to the gym and reapplying my makeup after showering – sometimes three times if I’m then going out in the evening and reapplying my makeup yet again!

I can also be a little overzealous when removing my mascara, and end up losing one or two hairs because of it. Poor lashes! It’s fair to say that I’ve never really treated them particularly well, until now!   

Magnifibres Treatment Primer is a just launched lash conditioner, primer and length-extender all-in-one. I’ve been road testing it for the past few weeks, much to the joy of my lashes!

The formula contains a complex of vitamins, peptides and moisturisers. As well as conditioning lashes, this treatment primer also acts as a base for mascara and in tests 85% of women said it made their lashes ‘look’ longer too after eight weeks of use.

The primer has a thin glossy consistency and is clear in colour, so not only does it glide on really easily but it’s inconspicuous once on too. I apply it in the morning, prior to putting on my mascara, and then again in the evening after removing it – it’s become part of my evening skincare routine.

As a primer it works brilliantly. I’ve found that my mascara now goes on much more smoothly than it did before, and because it coats lashes individually I’m not getting any clumping either – I really hate that sparse lash look you get when mascara clumps!

I’ve also noticed that I’m not getting as much lash loss as before either (yes I’m still as zealous as ever with my removal technique). My lashes are definitely in better nick.

What I can’t say though is that my lashes have become any noticeably longer – I’m not seeing this in the before and after pics above (I concede my pics are not the most scientific of measures). If you really want longer looking lashes I can’t recommend enough the Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes. They are absolutely fabulous! They were one of my top ten beauty discoveries of last year (see here and here) and are so darned effective that even my dad noticed the difference.

Magnifibres Treatment Primer is available now for £19 here.

PR Sample


  1. Wow this looks great. I will be checking it out.

  2. Hm I think I don´t see a noticeable result either- if then I think the before looked better lol! But that might be only the perspective of the photo. I do also like some of the fiber mascaras to elongate my stumpy little too- short to- see lashes. I am rather scared to use those medicated products that promise lash growth as I have heard blue eyes might turn brown! Yikes! I am not gonna try and rather keep my blue eyes with tiny lashes. LOL! Thank you for your honesty my dear and keeping up with this bad friend that always thinks of you but just has no time! Hope you have a wonderful day my dear Tracey!!! xoxo Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

    1. Perspective def Sissi :). Yeah thank goodness for fibre lashes!! Tx

  3. Dear Tracey, wow, what for great reviews and pictures as well - scientific or not, they were very helpful and also the fact that you shared that even your dad noticed the difference! I love lashes products. So I would buy the other, on the previous reviews, and this primer not, since you said it is good, for avoiding lash fall, but not for getting longer. As I guess I said, I have treatments with eye drops, so I have to be really careful with what I apply to my eyes, especially now. I loved the other product anyway, so it goes on my list of "things to buy when back home". Imagine how my wallet will be, raggs! :)

    1. My wallet is in tatters too, from far too much spending in recent months! Tx

  4. Hahah 'even my dad noticed the difference'! It's definitely had a bit of a difference and it's nice to add a bit of TLC to your routine every now and then :)
    Michelle x

    1. Yeah I think lashes can often be a little neglected. Mine certainly are - oops! *were* ;) Tx


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