Wednesday, 9 December 2015

3 Fabulously Quirky Scents to Get This Christmas

I’m sure we all have that relative who is impossible to buy for. Mine is my brother. He’s a man who has everything. His Christmas present is usually the last I buy because every year I struggle to find something fabulously quirky to get him.

Fabulously quirky is key because a) it’s fabulous, so I’ll know he’ll love it, and b) it’s quirky, so it’s likely to have fallen under his shopaholic radar.

If you’re similarly scratching your head, wondering what to buy that ‘difficult’ loved one, here are three fabulously quirky suggestions in the fragrance line…

The Library of Fragrance, Gin & Tonic - £15 for 30ml

These singular scents from The Library of Fragrance are such a clever idea. They are named after everyday household items, experiences and ‘things’. The clever bit is that they actually smell like those ‘things’. So, Rain smells like rain, Grass smells like grass, Clean Skin (yes really) smells like… you get the idea. You can mix and match them too to create something unique.

I spent a good half-hour in Boots the other week, testing every bottle they had in-store. My favourite is Gin & Tonic. It’s a light crisp unisex fragrance with a dash of juniper that smells like… you got it.

These cologne sprays are £15 for 30ml, and are on a buy two for £25 at Boots at time of post here.

Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 – £27 for 30ml  

The unisex scent with a pheromone effect that has a big cult following. Need I say more? I reviewed this back in the Summer and I love it just as much now as I did then. It’s another single scent, this time the aromachemical ‘Iso E’, which is often used as a perfume basenote to add allure.

Molecule 01 melds with our natural pheromones, so smells different on every wearer. It is subtle to the point that you may only be able to detect a hint of it on yourself, though I definitely pick-up its captivating velvety, woody note and especially when working out at the gym (increased body heat and all that). But the main point here is the effect it has on others - more on that in my full review!

Molecule 01 is available at Cult Beauty, among other stockists, here.

Mustela Musti Eau De Soin - £18.50 (RRP) for 100ml 

Got a new mum to buy for? How about this: a fragrance that’s been specially formulated to freshen and soften the delicate skin of a baby. It’s super gentle and can be used from birth – it contains 91% natural ingredients (includes cornflower and lime extracts), no perfume, parabens, phthalates or phenoxyethanol. It’s also hypoallergenic and has been tested under paediatric control. That’s the technical bit out of the way!

Gosh, this scent takes me back to when my kids were new-born. There’s a certain aroma that lingers around babies (I think every mum will know what I mean). It’s a distinctive fresh, clean and pure smell and that pretty much sums up Musti Eau De Soin. It can also be used to freshen-up linens and the nursery – spray just prior to nappy changing! 

Mustela Musti Eau De Soin has an £18.50 RRP but I’ve seen it on Amazon for £14.74 here.



  1. I've heard so much about library of fragrance but that gin and tonic scent sounds brilliant!

    1. It's worth popping into Boots to test them out. They're so unusual, some a bit odd smelling though ;)Tx

  2. The gin and tonic scent sounds interesting, as long as it doesn't smell like a gin soaked tramp lol. Seriously I bet it smells nice and fresh.

    1. Aha Mellissa, no it doesn't. It's a really fresh scent. I've since bought a bottle for myself. Tx

  3. Love G&T fragrance! Salt Air is nice too x

  4. I see we have the exact same taste in fragrances! No utterly girlish sweet stuff please! YES YES YES these sound right my alley. I know we would be such good friend if we could live any closer darling. Love you girl! Hope you have a great weekend with your family. Kisses, Sissi


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