Monday, 14 March 2016

NEW: Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream – Makes Perfect Sense

Using a tinted eye cream makes perfect sense. The skin around the eyes is thinner than elsewhere on the face. It thins further as we get older and can look almost transparent, making the veins underneath all too visible.

Then let’s not forget what a few late nights and a glass or two of vino can do to our appearance the next day – dark circles anyone?  It makes me wonder why there aren’t more tinted eye creams out there – there are a few but not that many.

Balance Me’s new Tinted Wonder Eye Cream is a concealing and treatment cream all-in-one. It’s 99% natural, light in texture and comes in a universal shade with light reflecting particles to suit all skin tones.

There are some splendid ingredients in here, including:

Artic cloudberry – fights oxidative damage and boosts radiance
Cucumber seed oil – strengthens lipid barrier and improves elasticity
Rosehip oil – hydrates and helps skin regenerate
Hyaluronic acid – retains moisture to plump

I use this in the morning after facial mist and serums, and before applying moisturiser.  It absorbs quickly and blends to my natural tone. My skin looks immediately brighter with improved texture.

This cream has a lovely light aromatic rose fragrance to it.  I’ve come to expect delightful-smelling formulas from Balance Me. It is part of the reason why I love the brand so much – they also happen to put out effective and very reasonably priced stuff.

If I wanted a make-up free day I could certainly get away with just using this tinted cream, rather than having to dab a bit of concealer under my eyes.  It adds a wash of concealing colour that you don’t get with standard eye creams.

Generally though, and if you suffer with prominent dark circles in particular, you’d want the fuller coverage of a regular concealer too. Which brings me on to how else you could use this Balance Me cream – on the eyelids as a make-up base.

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream is available now for £20 (10ml) here. The current issue of Glamour Magazine comes with one of four Balance Me products, including this new eye cream. 

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  1. This sounds like a great little product, I am wondering whether or not Rachel has it as I know she is a Balance Me fan!

    1. I love it. I'm sure Rachel may well have it. I'd be interested to know her thoughts. Tx

  2. A tinted cream for the under eyes sounds like a great idea!

  3. I love tinted eye creams but I do tend to find that I need something heavier on my eyes x

    1. I think if you're going for the full-on, make-up look then you'll def need the added coverage of a concealer, I agree. Tx

  4. I think that a tinted eye cream is a great idea, as well, since the pigment does provide some some protection. Cheers!

  5. I love balance me products anyway but the idea of a tinted eye cream sounds like an absolute winner.

    1. I'm taken with it. Def a repeat purchase. Tx

  6. I am really impressed with this too x


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