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Inlight Organic Firm & Tone Oil and Organic Body Oil with Arnica – Summer Body Prep

I choose skincare to meet a particular concern. For example, if my complexion is looking uneven, I’ll buy a formula that treats pigmentation. If it’s feeling dry, I’ll choose something that’s super hydrating.

When it comes to bodycare, I do things differently. Here it’s the ingredients that come first. I adore rose. Yes, it’s very hydrating (so that serves a purpose) but I just love the fragrance. It’s definitely my fondness for scents that prompts me to buy body products. The condition of my skin seems to play second fiddle, and it probably shouldn’t with Summer just around the corner!

I was reminded of this recently upon being sent for review two body oils from Inlight: Organic Firm & Tone Oil, and Organic Body Oil with Arnica. Both treat a particular skin concern: the first is formulated to help improve the appearance of cellulite; the latter is for therapeutic muscle massage and preparation for sport. 

A little about Inlight

It’s an organic skincare brand based in Cornwall, where it hand-blends its formulations in small batches. Its products are 100% organic and use plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils and gentle essential oils.

I first came across the brand last year when I reviewed their Under Eye Revive - a product I would label ‘my new obsession’. If the skin around your eyes needs buckets of hydration, then do check out my review as I think you’ll love it (the product that is).

I also want to make note of the beautiful packaging. The product boxes are work of art – they open out to reveal eye-catching photography of the essential oil flowers contained within the formulations. There’s a tonne of info about the key ingredients too.   

Inlight Organic Firm & Tone Oil 

Key ingredients:
Hazelnut oil – nourishes and astringent
Jojoba oil – promotes elasticity
Evening primrose oil –  antioxidant (Vit E)
Ginger – revitalises and stimulates
Burdock – purifies and encourages lymph drainage
Green tea –  antioxidant and astringent
Lemon – tones

Inlight Organic Body Oil with Arnica

Key ingredients:
Arnica – eases inflammation
Apricot kernel oil – soothes and nourishes
Evening primrose oil –  antioxidant (Vit E)
Palmarosa – antioxidants
Witch hazel and ylang ylang – tone
Calendula, plantain and patchouli – promote skin cell regeneration

Apply both to damp skin after a shower or bath and work in circular motions, gradually increasing the pressure to stimulate circulation. 

First Thoughts:
Firm and Tone Oil, Swatch

Firm and Tone Oil, Absorbed
There’s quite a hit of essential oil fragrance from these two – both are supplied in dark blue glass bottles. Hmm, it’s a concentrated whiff of nature. I find it satisfyingly calming and it feels nurturing.

Both oils are golden in colour and viscous in texture, making them soothing and hydrating on the skin.  If anything the arnica oil is slightly thicker -  I don’t know if that’s in general or just the particular bottle that I had.

I don’t suffer from cellulite particularly, so I can’t comment on that claim with the toning oil, but these are luxurious formulations.  If skin is feeling dry and tight, or if muscles ache, they will do the business – I’ve been alternating them for two weeks and I’ve noticed a difference to the dryness of my skin already.

Choosing one oil over the other would be a matter of deciding what your biggest bodycare concern is: I’d do well to remember that as we move headlong towards Summer!

The Inlight Organic Body Oil with Arnica costs £34 for 100ml here, and Inlight Organic Firm & Tone Oil costs £46 for 100ml here.

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  1. I love finding new oils to try, and new products! Definitely gonna look into this!! :) x

  2. They look like really lovely oils, although I would be skeptical of claims that it actually can tone and firm. It's more likely to be the massaging action that you apply it with that makes a difference.

    1. Hi Joanne, InLight have replied to your comment. I hope you find this useful. Tx

  3. Dear Tracey, sorry for being absent last week, but I caught the aggressive swine flu - I thought I would die :) It's really bad. If I only had your fitness routine, I know I would have prepared my body for that. But (bad) habits are difficult to change> OK, too much about it, now this Inlight Organic product - the name is already great, Inlight, and from Cornwall! It has so great products, the region (not only Rick Stein's food, as we can see!) Arnica is great, and evening primrose oil with vitamin E, I would love to try this cream. I normally don't use body lotions, but this product seems to be excellent! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Oh my goodness Denise, Swine Flu! What!!! That's awful. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery now? Hopefully that is the case. Wishing you a speedy journey back to full health. And yes, the ingredients in these InLight oils are wonderful. Tx

  4. Hi Joanne, the characteristics of the ingredients have been carefully combined by Dr Spiezia to relieve water retention and breaking down fat. Do have a look at our website for more information :)

  5. I'm a real fan of anything containing arnice (love SBC for this) so these really appeal to me, the packaging is stunning too.

  6. I must admit I usually swerve oils as they can leave my skin a bit sticky, these do sound interesting though.

  7. Sounds interesting. I love discover new organic brands. Thanks for the great review :)


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