Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Two Fantastical Revlon Professional Hair Stylers – the Straight and the Curly

If our hair is naturally curly, we want it straight. It it’s straight, we want it curly. That’s how it goes, isn’t it? Hence the abundance of products available for styling our hair how we want it to look, not how it would end up looking if left ‘au naturel’!

My hair when left to dry naturally is schizophrenic. Bits of it are curly and bits are straight – it’s not quite sure what it wants to be! So styling products are an absolute must, as is a hairdryer and styling tools.

Two styling products I’m constantly coming back to are these from Revlon Professional: Uniq One and Style Masters Curly Fanaticurls. I don’t often stray into professional styling, tending to stick with what’s
available in Boots or Superdrug, but it is worth looking beyond the high street at salon products.

I picked-up these two at a bloggers event last year, and both have impressed me. I use Uniq One when styling my hair straight, and Curly Fanaticurls when (you got it) curly.

Of course, no styling products are going to create magazine cover worthy hair without the help of a tool or two. Here I’d suggest investing – I use the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl (totally fool proof, reviewed here) and a pair of GHD straighteners (saved my hair after a cheap set was causing breakages). But what styling products do is help tools to work better, and they can also heat protect hair.

Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Fanaticurls

I have particular difficulty finding good products for styling hair curly.  Most don’t seem to add much to the styling process, neither helping my hair to curl nor prolonging the curl to hold once styled.  Curly Fanaticurls comes up trumps on both.

This styling cream adds volume - one thing you want with curls is big hair – and texture. I apply a coin-sized amount to damp hair (don’t use any more than that) and blow dry. I’m left with a big body of frizz-free hair, primed ready for my Pro Perfect Curl. The curls and waves I create are sculpted and hold well beyond my first sleep, though bear in mind there’s no heat protection included here.

Revlon Professional Curly Fanaticurls is sold in salons but you can also buy it from Amazon for £9.69 (150ml) here.

Revlon Professional Uniq One

This comes in a coconut version, which is the one I have.  I’m not sure if there is any actual coconut in the product (perhaps just fragrance? – I can’t tell from the label) but the tropical smell could be a bonus if you like a big hit of it (which I do).

This is an all-in-one treatment, boasting 10 benefits. These pretty much tick off all our hair care requirements in one swoop: including repair, heat protection, frizz control, UVA/UVB filters, detangling and body.

Spray over damp hair (again go sparingly), then style as usual. My hair is left looking and feeling shiny, soft and smooth (smoother than with Curly Fanaticurls, which is what you want when you’re about to let the straighteners loose on it), though I can’t say it smells of coconuts! 

Revlon Professional Uniq One is also sold in salons and available on Amazon for £8.30 (normally £10.95) for 150ml here. According to Amazon, both products are dispatched directly from Revlon.

Post contains PR samples


  1. My hair is curly but its flat if that makes sense- at the same time it is big but not in the right places. These products sound like something I should try!

  2. Wow, dear Tracey, Uniq One with coconut smell (and maybe coconut oil as well) seems to be very good, the price at least is! I liked the Fanaticurls as well, because you said the curls hold well for a night of sleep. It's amazing! I didn't know that you had parts of your hair curly and parts straight :) I saw the curls in the picture and the hair style is really beautiful! You are so right - when we have the hair one way, we want the other way, and so it goes. I have wavy hair - really wavy, to the point some people think it's curly, but no, only very wavy :) I try to have different styles, and Uniq One would be great to try! Hope you are having a lovely day!

    1. You really do have the most beautiful hair - I've mentioned that to you before. I think you'd love Fanaticurls :) Tx

  3. my hair is also not really defined so I could do both: curly and straight. I'll definitely try these products, specially if the one to curl doesn't leave any residue in your hair? xx

    1. Hi Camelia, no, it doesn't leave any residue. Tx


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