Monday, 19 September 2016

NEW: Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation - Review

No one has a flawless complexion, though many of us strive to achieve one, particularly in this age of Snapchat filters and Instagram where everyone can ‘appear’ perfect.

With so many foundations, concealers and colour-correcting formulas on the market - some to diffuse redness, others to lift dullness - using makeup to create the perfect canvas has become a bit of an art form. Faces can resemble geographical relief maps before all the blending! But the trickery works…

… and if it’s trickery you’re after then Urban Decay has introduced some corkers. For Autumn the brand has released a new full coverage, long wear liquid foundation inspired by its cult All-Nighter setting spray. It follows the Spring launch of a range of colour correctors, which I’ve been testing out alongside for the complete ‘flawless’ finish (review comping up separately, shortly).

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation 

Shades swatched: 4.5 (top) 5.0 (bottom)

It’s available in 24 shades and the packaging is typically UD edgy – it comes in a sleek, highly metallized gunmetal bottle with asymmetric cutouts, making the shade visible through the gaps. I have two shades– 4.5 and 5.0. These fall mid-way through the colour chart and the former is slightly pinkier than the latter.

The formula is oil-free (and paraben-free) and completely matte, marking a departure from the Naked Skin complexion products which are all demi-matte. It’s designed to absorb oil, a call out to those with shinier complexions, though not something I can test on my dry skin.

Mattes are usually a total no-no for me but this isn’t grabbing onto dry areas. In fact, it keeps my skin feeling and looking moist – though I do slap on tonnes of moisturiser before applying any makeup.

In terms of pigment, there is three times as much here as with the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup - I’m getting fantastic coverage from using just the tiniest amount. It blends smoothly and easily (even with finger application). 

How Does It Wear?

Before (L), After (R)

It simply doesn’t budge – I’ve been wearing it for around 12 hours daily. Plus I’ve worn it at the gym. I wouldn’t normally go full-coverage when getting a sweat on but for testing purposes I have. Again it doesn’t shift and what really excites me is that my skin remains perfectly matte at the end of a full-on weight training sesh!  Now that is impressive!
Snap taken after 8 hours of wear

The Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation is available for £27 (30ml) here.

Post contains PR samples


  1. Ooh this one sounds interesting, the 12 hours of staying put is grabbing my attention, may have to pop along and investigate! :)

    1. I'm not usually one for full-coverage but I'm loving how light this feels on the skin, how little I need to use and, yes, it's fab staying power. Tx

  2. I love the packaging of this, and even better that it stays on for 12 hours!

  3. I am looking forward to giving these a try, it sounds so impressive though I am usually a mixture of two shades with UD x

  4. Been dying to try this out - seems that it's worth the $$ since you need so little!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  5. Dear Tracey, I am really impressed and I want this foundation very much! This Urban Decay All Nighter loooks very good - well, I liked your picture without it, but with it as well! I am impressed that it is matte and still doesn't dry skin - I tend to have dry patches sometimes. Not overly, but sometimes, enough to avoid a matte foundation. But you said it doesn't dry, so I want to try it! Also, going to gym and the foundation "survived", I really want that! Loved the packaging! Thanks for this review, cause I am sold! And I hope you have a very nice week!
    Hope you have a nice week! Hugs!

  6. Wow this coverage is impressive. I love the subtle glow.


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