Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluids - Tried and Tested

It’s easy to see why colour correcting is having a moment: done properly it can give us the appearance of flawless skin,  just like all those Snapchat and Instagram filters.

With more brands than ever coming out with their own formulations, the choice is greater than ever. And recently Urban Decay joined the fray.

There are five colour correcting fluids in the Urban Decay range: green to reduce redness, yellow to correct dullness, peach for dark circles, lavender for sallow skin, and pink to address pigmentation. Each comes in a clear tube with a sponge-tipped wand applicator.

I have the yellow and green correctors. They’re a fluid consistency but not runny. I’ve found most use for the yellow as my under eye area is looking a little dull. It’s heavily pigmented (as is the green), so you don’t need to use much, and blends easily down with a concealer brush to the level of coverage I need. It does still leave the skin looking a tad yellow (the green on swatch is even more pigmented), so I’d recommend adding a concealer over the top.

I’ve swatched both with a layer of the new Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation (shade 4.5 – reviewed here) over the top to give you an idea of the correcting effect each has. As you can see, the yellow lifts skin tone and the green neutralises pink.

While you may not need colour correctors every day, they are a useful tool to have in your makeup bag for those inevitable emergencies, and these two Urban Decay options do the business very well.

They cost £17.50 each (6.2g) and are available here.

Post contains PR samples


  1. I currently don't own any colour correctors but I do need to get some for those days my skin is playing up!! I love that you watched them with the foundation too!

  2. The green one would be the one for me as I have a lot of redness that I'd rather cover up!


    1. As the swatch shows, the green is very effective at toning down red pigment. Tx

  3. These sound interesting as I get quite a lot of redness from spots although I don't know how I feel about about putting two layers of concealer on ! I really like your blog header btw :)


    1. I'd start off with a thin layer and then build up. That way it should come up cakey. And thank you for the blog header feedback :). Tx

  4. These look fab. Will look out for them when next I am makeup shopping.

  5. I have these and I do use them all the time. I find I only need one layer though as it is quite thick x


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