Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dermalogica At Christmas – My Pick

For the first time in years I’ve decided to eschew buying a beauty advent calendar. While on the surface they appear fantastic value for money, every year I’ve ended up not using some of the products inside, making the personal value of the collection much less.

While this is a personal thing, of course, depending on how much you yourself value the individual contents, this year I’ve taken a deeper interest in the single brand collections that are on offer.

Dermalogica At Christmas 

Dermalogica is a brand that I have started to explore much more this year. For Christmas they have put together six limited edition sets, including this one, Skin Health Heroes, which is my favourite.

It’s a collection of tried and tested hero products, so a good ‘safe bet’ if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or relative who has perhaps never tried Dermalogica before.

What’s Inside:

You get three travel sizes of Special Cleansing Gel (50ml), Multi-active Toner (30ml), plus a 7ml tube of
 Hydrablur Primer.

Special Cleansing Gel

This is a light clear gel with a refreshing fragrance. It contains mint and lavender extracts, and natural foaming agents taken from Quillaja Saponaria (soapbark tree), a plant growing in arid areas in  Chile. Dispense a tiny amount in to the palm of your hand and apply to a dampened face.  Remove with warm water.

This has been super for my dry skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and nicely hydrated. I sometimes find foaming cleansers stripping but this is not in the least. 

Multi-active Toner

This comes in a spray bottle – my preferred way to apply toners (I find it a more refreshing method than dispensing a little solution on to a cotton wool pad).  Ingredients here include arnica and cucumber, both refreshing and soothing. Just make sure you close your eyes as you apply, as the spray action on my bottle had quite a bit of ‘oomph’ to it!

Hydrablur Primer  

Launched earlier this year to rave reviews, Hydrablur is a non-greasy primer. It contains a water release complex and abyssinian oil to help provide hydration and lock-in moisture. While for me I don’t find this overtly hydrating (read my full review here), I love the smoothness of it (making applying makeup over the top a breeze), plus the luminous finish it gives skin (I’ve even gone out without wearing any foundation).

The Dermalogica Skin Health Heroes collection costs £33.10. For details of stockists click here. The other five collections are: Body Buffing Set (£15.50), Power Rescue Masque Trio (£43.25), Skin Brightening Duo (£53.25), Skin Perfecting Set (£67.60) and Clear Skin Day In, Day Out (£13.70).

Post contains PR samples.



  1. I would try one of these sets. I've never tried the brand before but I like the idea of miniatures to try the products out.

    1. Minis are an excellent way of trying before you buy. Tx

  2. The body buffing set for £15 is a great price! Im not one for beauty so £15 is just enough for me ^-^

  3. I have used these products before. Love them. Dermalogica is an amazing brand.

  4. I love the sound of Hyrablur, I could really so with a good primer. Dermalogica are such a great brand

    1. It does do a grand job of smoothing skin texture. Tx

  5. Dear Tracey, such a good recommendation! I never used Dermalogica, but I want to - these 3 products seem to be very good and I liked that they come in a travel-friendly size. I also liked that the toner in a spray way is better to apply - I also prefer it that way, it makes skin feel so fresh! And the primer being that way, that we can even go out without any foundation, just primer, this makes this set so good! Limited editions are quite good, but we have to be fast to grab them! :) Hope you have a great weekend, dear Tracey!


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