Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Philips ReAura – What I’ve learnt About the At Home Skin Laser Over the Past 6 Years

I’m back using my ReAura. It is the most powerful beauty device I own. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it is THE most powerful home beauty device there has ever been - if you can get your hands on one, that is!

Philips discontinued the ReAura in 2014 (at £800 a pop it wasn't cheap), just three years after its launch - story here. The move came much to the disappointment of a cult fanbase – my ReAura reviews remain among my most popular posts of all time.

Impossible to buy new, a ReAura can fetch over £1,000 second hand on ebay!! So, if you own one, it was a sound investment. But I’d say the real value comes from using it, not selling it. 

The ReAura is a REAL fractional laser, made in conjunction with Fraxel - the gold standard in fractional lasers. It's powerful. One dose of this gives my skin a zap of rejuvenating awesomeness that far outweighs topical creams. Period!

The only thing I'd say on treatment is: tread carefully. I do think the recommended protocol of twice a week for eight weeks is too much for some skins (including my own robust one). I'm now treating once every few weeks or so (judge as you go along) and the results I’m getting are impressive without the prolonged periods of redness I was getting before.

You can check out my ReAura reviews here and here.


  1. Hey, totally love mine, hope it lasts forever! One thing I do struggle with is a replacement for the laser gel. I've tried both suggestions from Philips plus pure glycerine and it is just not the same at all, contact isn't nearly as good. Any suggestions gratefully received? X

    1. Hi Nixpix, I'm hoping mine will go on eternally too :). Re gel, I only know of the suggested options you mention. I guess you've tried to locate some original gel on ebay? Tx

  2. Wow, dear Tracey, this ReAura is like an investment for the sin AND also to re-sell it, in case someone wants. I am amazed by the results you described, redness and rejuvenating, and honestly speaking, although I don't think I need it right now, I would like to have it for the future, or maybe even to prevent ageing! Just the price is really tough! But I think it's worth it, for what you told it does! Glad that you are back, hope you have a lovely day, dear Tracey! Hugs!


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