Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Why It’s Good To Take A Break…

Hello! Yes, it's been a while. I've been on a blogging break - a 20 day one to be exact. I needed it, some time away from writing, some time away to reflect and think about where I want to take the next phase of my life.

I guess we all need to do a mental declutter every once in a while. Some employers used to offer paid sabbaticals to staff after so many years of loyal service to let them recharge and come back with renewed vigour. Are there companies that still operate those?

A break feels good and it does good. I'm now back, happier, refreshed and with a clearer idea of where I'm heading, with both my blog (building on the changes I made in 2016) and other aspects of my life.

A return to a busy office is on the cards - freelancing for the past 10 years has allowed me to stay at home while my kids were young but I've missed the camaraderie that comes from sharing a work space. It may mean a more sporadic blog post schedule, but the blog will always be alive and a part of me, a place to share my two big passions - beauty and fitness.

To that end I'm about to kick off with my first post of the year. See you in a jiffy...


  1. Good for you for taking a break. I think it does the world of good!

  2. I think we all need a break every now and again.

  3. Hi, welcome back, dear Tracey, you were missed! But I know what you mean, and a break is really very needed from time to time. I used to work for a company that gave non-paid leaves sometimes. It was really good. I hope you are refreshed for the nice surprises that 2017 certainly has for you! Nice to have you back and glad you will go on posting about your passions!


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